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November 21, 2016
the film were julia showed she could act
November 12, 2016
Julia Roberts shows you how brilliant of an actress she really is in this film. She effortlessly demands your attention in every scene whether her character is her most vulnerable or most dominant one in the room. Her performance is extremely believable and she makes you want to root for her. She's at the top of her game here. I love the story telling and brilliant direction of the characters. I enjoyed this film from the strong beginning to the satisfying end.
October 14, 2016
I've seen thousands of movies. People always were asking me, what's my favorite and I had so many of them that I couldn't pick one. Now I know for sure!!!! Now I can name my favorite!!!!!!!!!!! Oh!.. My God!!!!!!!!!! Love it!!!!!!!!!
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October 3, 2016
I was in love with Julia Roberts since I was in 5th grade. It continued as a steady love for all those years. This movie deepened it in a way I didn't think possible. And opened my eyes to environmental issues in a digestible way.
October 1, 2016
Julia Roberts and Albert Finney have a fantastic chemistry which carries a movie that is very one note. Finney's character is hardly developed as this is a Roberts vehicle and she steals the show.

On a side note, this is funnier than most comedies on the market.
½ September 19, 2016
I am a big fan of legal dramas that involve the little guy taking on big corporate creeps, and that is mostly what Erin Brockovich is about. Yes, it's focused on the titular character and we occasionally have to sidetrack the film for family time with the Brockovich's, but the majority of the plot is about this one big case that changes her life. I loved all the legal investigation stuff and the acting was pretty good too. Surprisingly, I actually thought Albert Finney's performance was better than Julia Roberts. He was the best, and I kept wanting to see more of him throughout the movie. The actor that I could have used less of was Aaron Eckhart. He is completely wrong for his role, and every time he appeared I wanted to tell him to take off the Halloween costume and act like the clean-cut sophisticated gentleman that we all know he was born to play. It didn't help that those scenes between Eckhart and Roberts were the most tedious parts of the movie and distracted from what was far more interesting. I get the point of the scenes, because it is an interesting idea to show the catch-22 that a single mom can be caught in when she has to provide for her kids, but in so doing she can't be with her kids. Unfortunately, I thought the presentation of that dilemma was not great and they definitely gave it short shrift in the script.

The fact that Erin Brockovich fails to properly resolve problems that it raises is really the number one flaw in the film. They make it seem important that she is occasionally not giving her kids the attention they need, but then a single moment where the son offers to pick her up breakfast is supposed to make us say "Oh, now it's OK, because the kids understand." Real life tells us that this hasn't really fixed anything except that specific moment in her day. The movie is also too effective at vilifying the idea of sharing the case with a bigger firm, and the subsequent choice to go with arbitration. They really hammer this home because Erin has a very contentious relationship with the members of this other firm. Yet somewhere along the way we're just supposed to let all that go, because Ed Masry says so. However, despite some flaws, I found the overall experience of watching Erin Brockovich to be pleasant and I enjoyed the (admittedly predictable) conclusion to the film.
August 26, 2016
8/25/16 Very good story based on real events. Yes, I found that some small parts were made up to enhance the story, but overall, it was quite entertaining. It does run a bit long. After the Flint water crisis recently, it is amazing to think that this water crisis from years ago went on WAY longer and the side effects were WAY worse. I guess I was too young to have heard anything about this when the events actually happened.
July 15, 2016
I'm sure there are things in Steven Soderbergh's "Erin Brockovich" that are historically inaccurate. I'm sure some of the events in the film regarding the titular character, or any other characters surrounding her, were created purely for dramatic purposes. But I found the story of this movie immensely engaging and compelling, and Julia Roberts gives one of her best performances of her career. It's really good.
June 20, 2016
Witty and well-written, topped off by a great Julia Roberts performance.
June 13, 2016
For many years, I avoided watching this movie because of Julia Roberts. It turns out that the role suits her well and she delivers one of her best performances. She nicely keeps pace with Finney and their rapport helps carry the story.
½ June 8, 2016
Pretty face, nice tits. Erin Brockobitch.
June 7, 2016
Erin Brockovich Saves the Day
Erin Brockovich is a riveting film that will have you rooting for the underdog and hating large corporations that are out to get the little guys. This plot has been done many times before and in many instances, it has failed but not in this case. The film stars Julia Roberts as the protagonist of this film, Erin Brockovich. This film also stars Albert Finney as Ed Masry and Aaron Eckhart as George, who is Brockovich's love interest in this film.
This film is based on a true story about a brave woman who goes against a huge corporation to pursue justice for others. Erin Brockovich is a single mother trying to raise her three kids. The opening scene of the film shows Brockovich desperately looking for a job so she can support her children and she ends up in a car accident. Jobless, she convinces her lawyer, Ed Masry into giving her a job at his firm. While working at the firm she begins to look into a real estate case involving Pacific Gas & Electric Company (PG&E). She finds out PG&E is trying to secretly buy land that is contaminated by toxic hexavalent chromium, which they have disposed of incorrectly and has now affected the people living in Hinkley, California. The inhabitants of Hinkley are unaware that the land has been exposed to this dangerous chemical and think the company is solely trying to buy their homes. She decides to go to Hinkley and begins to question some of the people she read about in the files. As she talks to the residents, she digs deeper into what is actually occurring in the small town of Hinkley. She investigates further and soon Brockovich and Masry are involved in the biggest class action lawsuit case in American history against the powerful PG&E.
Erin Brockovich is an inspirational film that will inspire you to do great things for the environment. She's a single mother of three, who without any formal education decides to go after a large multi-billion dollar corporation to help bring justice to those affected by the contamination of water in Hinkley. She was able to obtain the job in the law firm due to her tenacity as she convinced her lawyer to give it to her, which to me, says a lot about her character and how driven she is, which will help her as the film progresses. Despite her financial situation not being great, she still chose to help the people of Hinkley. This was a truly admirable act because she was fighting for a much greater cause. Even though she was not a lawyer, she was still an important asset in this case. I feel this helped the people of Hinkley trust her and bridge the gap between the lawyers and the clients. She was able to help the residents of Hinkley understand what was going on with the case in a way that they would understand.
I think Julia Roberts did an exceptional job as Erin Brockovich. She was able to really connect with the character and it showed in her acting. This is a biographical film and I think it is vital that the writers don't stray too far from the truth and this film achieved just that. The costumes used in the film were great and helped bring a point across. The fact that she is working in a law firm brings a certain image to mind when it comes to the type of clothing you imagine employees wear and the clothes she wore were the exact opposite of that. Her clothes helped her stand out from the women in the law firm who wore pant suits and looked down on Brockovich because of her clothing choices. Even though the other workers were uncomfortable with the type of clothes she wore she did not succumb to their wills and she kept on dressing the way she wanted to. This action may seem insignificant but it really shows her refusal to conform to societal norms.
The plot in the film is intriguing and kept me on the edge of my seat until the very end because I wanted to know what the outcome of the case was going to be. Throughout the movie, you can't help but root for her and want her to succeed. She's a single mother going against a huge corporation because they did the people of Hinkley wrong. This really helps play on the emotions of the viewer. While watching the film I found this to be an admirable quality of hers. While there is an underlying romance in the film, it is not the main focus. The directors do an excellent job at not taking away from the plot and the story that is being told.
I would highly recommend this film. The acting is phenomenal and the plot keeps you wanting more. After watching the film, it got me questioning the trust we put in the people that provide us with water. I'm sure there are many cases around the world similar to this and I think it is a topic that should be discussed more. This film really highlighted Brockovich's many admirable qualities and it inspired me. She was just one person who happened to stumble upon this case but that did not stop her from further investigating the situation and doing the right thing. The fact that she did not go to law school and yet achieved something great serves as an inspiration to us all. I think we all have something to learn from Erin Brockovich and we should continue to fight for things we believe in.
May 4, 2016
While there are some technical flaws and the accuracy is in question, "Erin Brockovich" is a sweet, funny, and inspiring real-life legal drama featuring one of Julia Roberts' best and most notable performances yet.
½ April 28, 2016
With the exception of some acidic and often vulgar humor, "Erin Brockovich" shares a little too many similarities with Lifetime movies.
April 17, 2016
Erin Brockovich (2000) ??
Story of real life Erin Brockovich, who talked her way into a job at a law firm, began an investigation on her own initiative and played a key role in a pollution suit that cost Pacific Gas & Electric a $333 million settlement, which became one of the biggest environmental crimes in history. Great story is never compelling thanks to feeble character development, unconvincing supporting characters, and a jarring lack of focus and energy. Julia Roberts' performance is indeed worth an Oscar, but it's hard to forget it IS a performance (it's always Roberts, not Brockovich, and unwise wardrobe decisions position her character somewhere between a caricature and a distraction.) This sort of thing was far more compelling in the movie A CIVIL ACTION. Available on Netflix.
April 7, 2016
as I am rewatching this I realized this is one of the few movies from Steven Soderbergh that's not dark and slow paced...this one is actually very enjoyable and watchable.always loved the David and Goliath story from a modern,Julia Roberts does a wonderful job.
½ March 24, 2016
Julia Roberts won me over with this movie.
½ February 21, 2016
While there have been similar stories told before ("All the President's Men" comes to mind) and since ("Spotlight" comes to mind), this film really hits hard with the idea that it takes a personal connection to make a difference. It's also inspiring to see what a bold and confident woman can accomplish if she doesn't take "no" for an answer.
½ February 6, 2016
I'm not going to say "Fuck Julia Roberts" like some of my friends because she was really good in the movie. But I still think Ellen Burstyn was better that year.
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