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Ernest Goes to Camp

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Ernest (Jim Varney) gets a job as a fix-it man at a summer camp for troubled boys, but what he really wants to be is a counselor. This juvenile comedy, filled with potty humor and slapstick, chronicles his campaign to get a promotion. A consummate bungler, he ends up causing all kinds of comical chaos. Fortunately, he also ends up helping many of the campers.


Jim Varney
as Ernest P. Worrell
Victoria Racimo
as Nurse St. Cloud
Iron Eyes Cody
as Old Indian Chief
Lyle Alzado
as Bronk Stinson
John Vernon
as Sherman Krader
Hakeem Abdul-Samad
as Moustafa Hakeem-Jones
Patrick Day
as Bobby Wayne
Scott Menville
as Crutchfield
Jacob Vargas
as Bubba Vargas
Jeff Standing Bear
as Medicine Man
Todd Loyd
as Chip Ozgood
Andy Woodworth
as Pennington
Mac Bennett
as Technician
Buck Ford
as Attorney Elliott Blatz
Larry Black
as Mr. Tipton
Eddy Schumacher
as Counselor Stennis
John Brown
as Technician
Hugh Sinclair
as Counselor Sparks
Johnson West
as counselor Puckett
Paulo Deleon
as Young Indian Brave
Jean Wilson
as State Supervisor
Ivan Godwin Jr.
as Brave's Father
Ivan Green
as Mr. Stewart
Christian Haas
as Molly Steart
Brenda Haynes
as Mrs. Stewart
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Audience Reviews for Ernest Goes to Camp

  • Oct 20, 2015
    I loved these movies as a kid but sadly time hasn't been kind to this film. The jokes are very flat but Ernest is well cast and gives everything. From that perspective the film does very well.
    Brendan N Super Reviewer
  • Jul 08, 2014
    When Ernest Goes to Camp hilarity ensues, knowhutImean? Jim Varney brings his trademark character to the big screen in this fun, wacky adventure. After putting his time in as a maintenance man at Kamp Kikakee Ernest P. Worrell gets a shot at being a camp counselor for a group of juvenile delinquents that no one else wants. The story's pretty formulaic and cliched, yet this kind of works as it gives a sense of familiarity and lets the audience know what to expect. And, Varney's charming and charismatic performance adds a lot of heart to the film. Ernest Goes to Camp is full of laughs, but some of the comedy is overly silly and juvenile.
    Dann M Super Reviewer
  • Feb 18, 2011
    I don't care if the critics like this or not. Jim Varney was(and still is) one of my favorite actors of all time. He was truly gifted and a multi-faceted actor. How could anyone not fall for that lovable, yet zany 'Ernest'? 'Ernest Goes to Camp' is just one of the many movies I love starring Jim Varney. It's not hard to peel back a thin layer and find the good moral content of this show. As with all 'Ernest' movies, there's always a positive outlook and message that he sends. I never get tired of watching these movies over and over again. Ernest sings "Gee, I'm Glad it's Rainin'", and it's so heartbreakingly beautiful and he sings it with such emotion. The song, "Brave Hearts" fits this movie and Ernest to T. The lyrics are uplifting. Hollywood is too saturated and concerned with making movies that are filled with bad language, sex and violence. It's too bad they don't make movies like this anymore. I love Jim 'Ernest P. Worrell' Varney's movies because they were void of filth and vulgarity. It's good, honest, clean fun. He always gave people the benefit of the doubt, stuck by those who would ridicule him and was just a humble, sweetheart of a guy. Even his commercials are entertaining and I'm one of those people who usually hate commercials. And you'd have to be made of stone not to be drawn in by such a powerful and magnetic smile. R.I.P. James Albert Varney Jr. You were one of the good ones. It's a shame that some people fail to see that.
    Stacy A Super Reviewer
  • Feb 15, 2011
    Not Jim Varney's best Ernest P. Worrell movie but still good for a laugh as always.The better Ernest movies were after this 1.I loved Ernest Goes to Camp when I was little but not so much anymore
    Brody M Super Reviewer

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