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November 23, 2018
Recommend, even if it's not nearly as amazing as its predecessor.
August 29, 2017
Every time I watch this movie, I wind up Googling "Fantasia 3" just to see if there is any chance we are gonna get another of far, we aren't. It's a shame, as this doesn't just stand-up against the inventive and gorgeous original, but it improves upon it by simply being imminently more watchable. Stand outs: "Rhapsody in Blue" - funny, buoyant, ultra-cool, and one of the best representations of responsibility vs. passion; "Donald's Ark" - most essentially Disney, cartoony, bright, and poignant.
July 8, 2017
Fantasia 2000 is an animated film from Disney that tells the segment of stories through the songs that makes us hear what the story portrays it. Fantasia 2000 is one of the first films that I remember watching at the time, and when I saw it on my Netflix list, I knew that it was time to come back to it after a decade, and it still holds up to me after so many years. I probably might do this with the first Fantasia also, but I'm going to review the segments in itself and see what I can overall think of the film.

Symphony No. 5: I usually like the well known Beethoven songs, as so for Disney to make one is really cool, and I did remember this song when I was young because it's upbeat for me, and I really enjoy this segment. The animation is simple like the story is, but it's really nice to look at, which at first is very colorful with the butterflies with different color, when it gets dark and sinister, the background gets interesting to look at too that starts to look less colorful. This is a fantastic start for this movie.

Pines of Rome: When it showed Steve Martin as a presenter in this before this and is using humor in this movie, it's very awkward and very cringey to watch. What I remember about the song was that I find it to be very boring, and that I usually skip that segment to go to the next one, and after seeing this again, I understand why because this is the weakest one. The effects on the whales looks pretty nice, although a bit dated at times. The whole background animation like the water and ice look pretty to see, and the way the story goes does fit with the song. The issue that I have with it is that the story wasn't interesting to watch, and it goes by way too slow for me or the little kids to handle. I didn't think it was a bad segment as it is, it's just mediocre to watch, and a very uninteresting one for me to handle.

Rhapsody in Blue: When they had Quincy Jones as the presenter, I never knew who he was, and even to this day I forgot that was even him, which he acted very calm and smooth, and he doesn't say anything that's humorous as he was talking about the song and getting straight to the point, which is what Steve Martin should've done. This segment was one of my favorites as a little kid because the song was catchy to listen to, and the animation is pretty enough to keep me entertained, which I see that in there, and more. The story is very interesting since it's a separated one about 4 people, and they're all have issues to deal with that are relatable. The animation is really good as it definitely looks hand-drawn, and it's amazing with the amount of movement of effort that it's been drawn at. You understand about what the 4 people are dealing with with no word to tell as they show you why they don't have great lives, which makes it great storytelling from just the visual of it. I love this segment, and would go back and rewatch it from YouTube if I want to.

Piano Concerto No. 2, Allegro, Opus 102: While Bette Miller did better as a presenter than Steve Martin did, she did had some cringe moments when she's trying to say something that comes off rhetorical, and it just doesn't work for this type of thing. I didn't mind too much of this segment as a kid, and for some reason I thought of it as The Nutcracker story, I don't know, maybe it was the style of The Steadfast Tin Soldier. I would've still watched as when I was young, and I think I liked it more as I've grown up. I was glad that it didn't explain why the soldier has only one leg as it wasn't needed for an explanation, and that we can just make stuff up on our own. The animation is 3D animation, but it looks really good, while still making it look like a cartoon, and not something that's trying to look real and it looks a bit dated like the second segment. The story of it is a good romance/revenge story that you get the motivations, and you understand the villain's reasoning of the whole situation. The ending from the source material is suppose to be very different in that it has given the Disney treatment here, and if it's good, then it's a success, and it definitely has a satisfying ending. I thought it was a really enjoyable segment so far.

The Carnival of the Animals: James Earl Jones' introduction has some dignity in him, and it is kind of amusing of him to be confused of the whole story. This was my favorite at my younger years because it's cute from the flamingos, and the light pink one that plays with a yo-yo. This isn't my favorite out of all the segments, but this is still enjoyable to watch. The 2D animation is really cool that the flamingos' movement goes right with the song, and the slapstick is really good that it still makes me laugh after many years. The plot is not something that I'll remember the most as it's very simplistic that it definitely lasts as long as that segment. This segment is a great one, just not something that I'll call a fantastic one.

The Sorcerer's Apprentice: I did like Penn & Teller's presentation as a young kid as I like seeing magic and I did find some moments funny, but seeing them as of right now, they were a bit awkward in this and they did seem off from other celebrities. I'm not going to talk too much about it as I'll be talking about this again in the first one, but I can say that it does fit with the movie very well and is still a classic.

Pomp and Circumstance: My opinions of Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck as sort of presenters are the same as it is, which is that they are enjoyable to watch, and they are funny too. It was very odd that they decided to do the Noah's Ark story with Donald Duck in there, although not as Noah but someone else, and that this is close as religious as it can probably get from Disney without it being religious. So this segment will not offend any pro nor anti-religion groups, and it's really good. The computer animation is gorgeous to see, and it has some good laughs that I got out of it. The song might distract some viewers of the song because it's a graduation song, but it's not too distracting that'll ruin the flow of the segment. Both adults and kids will enjoy this one.

Firebird Suite: Angela Lansbury did a nice enough job of introducing the segment as she's the best at it since Quincy Jones for the third segment. I was definitely a bit scared of the segment when I was young because it has some dark images that probably got me hiding, but never to the point that I was traumatized. So after watching this now, I can say that in my opinion that they saved the best for last. The animation is beautiful that even at times, it's breathtaking to look at with some grand landscape and the inventive characters whether it be the spring sprite or the firebird who looks effectively scary. Even after watching it at a grown up age, I still get jumped when the scare comes in, and I get to worry about the spring sprite. The plot is simple, but is very effective as it tells in such detail about how nature acts before and after something bad happens. The song works very well with the segment, and that it ended on such a highly fantastic note that it was a very satisfying one in itself.

I can say that after dealing with some horrible jokes from celebrities and one segment that I could've done without that Fantasia 2000 is a great movie that I'm looking forward to the original Fantasia.
June 18, 2017
My favorites are the beginning ones 'Pines of Rome' and "Fire Bird".
May 4, 2017
I feel like the original Fantasia was meant to be a once in a lifetime film. This was like a watered down version that audiences could have done without. The animation doesn't compare to what we saw in the previous film, although it isn't bad. I did really like the Pomp and Circumstance segment with Donald and Noah's Ark. (First viewing - June 2000 in the IMAX theater)
March 13, 2017
A long-delayed update that aims to fulfill Walt Disney's wish to the best it can be, the company's beautifully luscious (and diverse) animation glisten in regal spendor here, though some of its shorts are definitely more gimmicky than the original.
½ February 9, 2017
Fantasia 2000 is a pretty solid Disney sequel with off-putting and cringe-worthy introductions to the segments and some segments are weaker as the film is quite an uneven work as a whole, but most of the segments are very good with my favorites being Rhapsody in Blue and Pomp and Circumstance which are awesome. Donald Duck is as lovable as ever and the technical aspects are impressive with excellent classical music and sometimes quite inspired animation.
½ January 21, 2017
Amazingly stunning in visual effects, animation and lighting, but gets shabby on slim character and plot development relying on music all the time to tell the story, giving too much work for the orchestra and too little work for the creative story-telling department.
November 27, 2016
A great, somewhat more modern remix of the older Fantasia film. Some of the songs are better than others, of course, but overall it's quite enjoyable.

And the Firebird Suite is absolutely incredible. I watching it every single time.
½ November 7, 2016
While the original "Fantasia" from 6 decades earlier still holds up better than this update, it's not without brief sparks of amazement.
September 30, 2016
In my opinion I actually think it's better than the original.
September 5, 2016
Alcuni episodi di questo nuovo tentativo di Fantasia sono bellissimi, altri invece hanno perso la magia generale che caratterizzava il primo film. Si puņ notare l'uso di nuove tecniche di animazioni che perņ a mio parere non funzionano in un film del genere. E' un buon tentativo, ma il primo Fantasia resta irraggiungibile, superiore sia in animazioni, sia in idee, sia nella sensazione di magia e sogno che lascia alla fine.
August 26, 2016
Rather hit-or-miss, unlike the original. Some segments are fantastic, while others are merely middling. It is by no means a bad film, however. The Rhapsody in Blue and tin soldier segments in particular are wonderful. They more than make up for the film's missteps, such as the painfully gratuitous celebrity cameos and moments of child-pandering. All in all, I'm certainly glad I watched it.
August 15, 2016
Not as good as the original classic, but it was still good!
½ August 14, 2016
A contemporary take on a definitive Disney classic, Fantasia 2000 updates and improves on the animation while still maintaining the spirit of the original movie. It also helped a lot that they edited the run time in this one two just an hour and 15 minutes rather than the two hour runtime that its predecessor had. It's a vibrant demonstration of how far animation has come in 60 years, with impressive CGI 3D sequences and complex illustrations. The sequences also feel better fitted to the music and the choices seem more well-planned and selective. Scenes that weren't dazzling visually were funny or at least familiar. The celebrity cameos weren't brilliant but it was a nice reminder of the evolution of the movie series and added to the updated theme. This film improves on the original in many ways but ironically, my favorite part was the Sorcerer's Apprentice segment from the original Fantasia.
½ July 17, 2016
The first one was ok.The second one is a little worse.
April 27, 2016
same comment as for original
April 8, 2016
........I thought that I would never be moved by a movie experience again.....probably has something to do with my age.....76.....................I was wrong.......the finale of the Pines of Rome sequence brought me to tears......something that I thought I would never experience again.....not since the ending of To Kill A Mockingbird......
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