Food, Inc. Reviews

November 18, 2011
This is the kind of muckraking we should see more often.
November 17, 2011
This solidly constructed documentary aims to do for food production what An Inconvenient Truth did for global warming.
August 20, 2009
Smart, gripping, and untainted by the influence of Michael Moore.
July 8, 2009
After you see what IBP is doing to cattle, what Tyson is doing to chickens, what farmers are doing to us and what Monsanto is doing to farmers in the new documentary Food, Inc., you may never eat again.
June 26, 2009
A mind-boggling, heart-rending, stomach-churning expose on the food industry.
June 26, 2009
If you are what you eat, we are mostly genetically modified, poorly regulated, unhealthy meat byproducts generating profits for a few gargantuan corporations.
June 26, 2009
In exposing the unsavory practices of agribusiness, the muckraking documentary Food, Inc. cuts to the bone.
June 22, 2009
An angry blast of disgust aimed at the American food industry.
June 19, 2009
Illuminating and occasionally revolting.
June 19, 2009
A riveting if distressing look at the essentially unregulated American food supply.