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½ June 26, 2017
This movie had a decent plot but what makes the movie so enjoyable for me is the message the movie has. Keep animals free.

June 22, 2017
Even for the early nineties the story is played out and sentimental drivel.
June 10, 2017
I loved this movie as a kid, and it's very nostalgic and touching. The music is beautiful and the acting is good for the most part. The undertone of this movie is somewhat distasteful to me as an adult, because even though they do free Willy, captivity of orcas in general is a sad subject to me.
June 4, 2017
July 30, 2016
Touching and heartfelt, Free Willy is a tear-jerking adventure drama that is captivating and showcases terrific performances from Jason James Richter, Lori Petty and Michael Madsen.
Super Reviewer
July 29, 2016
Alright would of been better if it got killed or couldn't make the jump and killed the kid, Too predictable and been done before just with a different animal, Very overrated.
½ July 3, 2016
This is supposed to be a film protest against keeping animals in non-natural captivity? It pretty much fails to hit this message home because it's too nice. Watch Blackfish instead.
June 25, 2016
As a child this was epic now older its a classic and really lives up to its title.
February 29, 2016
"Free Willy" is a wonderful and memorable classic, plain and simple. Its a story that all ages can enjoy and cherish for years to come.
January 29, 2016
Free willy is a good movie the Music is very good and the graphics are good. I like the beginning of the movie with all the orca whale's with the background music. It is cool how willy jumps over rocks at the end of the movie.
January 27, 2016
This is my absolute favourite movie!!! When someone asks you what you're favourite movie is...this is my answer! I've watched this movie hundreds of times and I can pretty much quote the whole movie!
½ January 23, 2016
This was a fwhail. Cliche, lame, and boring. Cardboard characters, annoying pissy little kid, and a whale who out-acts most of the people. Duuuuuumb.
½ January 9, 2016
Before Blackfish, there was Free Willy.
½ December 12, 2015
Really fun family movie, especially for anyone who loves whales
November 30, 2015
I love whales most as Dolphins
September 16, 2015
I haven't revisited this film in a very long time, so my perspective might be a little skewed, but what comes through after nostalgia is that it's a corny story that has some decent acting (mostly from the adult actors) but it was still a fun movie which will now only be judged by time. It does seem like the brightness of this film has dimmed, even amongst my peers who grew up with it, so maybe it's fading into pop culture obscurity. Who knows?
September 6, 2015
The movie which got me into loving orca whales ever since I was a child! It's too risky to swim with these beautiful creatures in real life, but I hope to do it one day with professional assistance. Don't care what anyone says about this film, it's timeless!
½ August 14, 2015
Although the film has its faults, Free Willy is still a classic and heartwarming film.
June 26, 2015
i love this movie very much
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