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June 19, 2018
Ghost Rider has little to nothing to offer as far as entertainment goes, and it is a shameless butchering of one of the most powerful and badass Marvel characters.
June 10, 2018
Should have had the feel and aura of Constantine but instead had the aura and feel of a Saturday morning cartoon.
½ March 31, 2018
Five words: It's a Nicholas Cage movie. It was cool to see the Rider on screen, but acting was poor, dialogue was certainly,,, there... and I have no clue on why Cage was cast for the position of the Rider.
michael e.
Super Reviewer
March 29, 2018
And here we go into the controversial end of the pool (That seems to be a theme whenever someone brings up Nicolas Cage.) Now I hate Nicolas Cage as of now (Pre 2000s Cage is the only good Cage) and having him cast as a superhero, especially someone like Ghost Rider, is some of the most bizarre casting I've seen in a movie, and yea he doesn't do the best job as the character of Johnny Blaze but he's passable. Most of the acting in the movie overall ranges from cheesy, to straight up stupid (that bit with the Legion quote from the Bible being one.) But the movie at least tries to be entertaining so I'll give it that, and a couple of the actors really aren't that bad in the movie, Sam Elliot doing his usual awesome performance even if not given that much to work with and while not really in the movie that much, Peter Fonda does a decent job as Mephistopheles. Also the action and CG looks just awesome in this movie, and the stuff all involving the Ghost Rider character, while all being usually brief scenes, is just badass, especially all the crap he does with the flaming chain. Overall, while the film may not be that amazingly good, and it does have a few flaws, it is entertaining enough and it does have some amazingly awesome effects and fight scenes. Just don't see the sequel unless you want to self lobotomize yourself.
March 11, 2018
i have to say, over the years ghost rider has grown on me. having seen ghost rider on agents of shield BROUGHT me back again. really Fun.
March 3, 2018
no comic book movies are great or have a plot that makes sense. This one has Cage, motorcycles and the gorgeous Eva Mendes going for it
February 3, 2018
There's nothing particularly wrong with this movie, but also nothing particularly right. It doesn't stand out by any means, but Nicholas Cage's surprisingly good performance keeps it out of the bottom tier of superhero films.
½ February 1, 2018
Honestly I enjoy this movie way more then I probably should have. It defiantly deserves a low rating still, the acting is about average, the villain is annoying, it should have been darker then it actually was, and Eva Mendes felt like she was only in this movie to show off her chest. The reason why I do give it a higher rating is because any scene when Johnny is the Ghost Rider is pretty bad ass and definitely was a fun watch. Honestly I hope that they make a new Ghost Rider movie within the MCU just because I want to see more of the Ghost Rider especially on the big screen.
January 14, 2018
Sub-par. Blackheart should've been a lot more interesting in appearance and abilities. Okay story. Not much in the way of memorable action scenes.
½ January 13, 2018
johnny blaze..

Ghost Rider

Even though being childish and flawed, it is quite fun in bits and pieces and allows you to finish it without being annoyed, considering its premise.
December 19, 2017
Unfunny, unexciting Marvel comics adaptation.
December 16, 2017
Puntaje Original: 6.0

Una muy entretenida historia con singulares personajes que te hará pasar un buen momento.
½ December 15, 2017
0 Stars. Only movie I have ever walked out of.
November 24, 2017
Face and skin and everything else, off!
½ November 21, 2017
Good movie, but not Marvel's best work.
November 7, 2017
Amongst the poor performances and terrible dialogue, "Ghost Rider" is a scattered comic book-turned-film with so many plot holes and cheesy CGI that the viewer will refuse to believe this was produced by Marvel and Stan Lee.
November 1, 2017
The film adapts from the Comic Book, one of the most amazing comics, and the movie is one of the best Marvel movie yet for people to watch.
October 18, 2017
I don't know what people are talking about when they say that this is a bad movie nor do I care. True it does have occasionally corny dialogue but nothing is perfect, the action sequences are well staged, the characters are well defined as they are suppose to be, the special effects are amazing and so is the cinematography. There are quite a few scenes that can send chills up ones spine (people who deny this probably have no spines). The film emulates a mixture of punk and classic western genres which is a unique and refreshing change to the comic book cinema universe. There are so many reasons to like this movie that is is a real surprise that viewers have called this a bad movie, oh well I guess they can't tell real talent when they see it.
September 25, 2017
Ghost Rider: Movie Review.

Ghost Rider is a Fun Okay Film especially for Nicolas Cage Fans. I remember watching Ghost Rider in cinemas when it was released. I liked some parts of the film especially the character design of Ghost Rider, some Visual Effects sequences and kind of dumb but entertaining and enjoyable performance by Nicolas Cage and the film's odd humour, but the rest was film was poorly done. The plot and script was weak and characters were very underdeveloped. All over its an okay kind of film.

(Please Note: That This Review represent only my professional point of view and my personal honest opinion about the film, and does not represent others. Thank You).
½ September 24, 2017
This is hilarious! Oh wait it?s not a comedy?
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