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Tak Sakaguchi (Versus, Mutant Girls Squad) directs and stars in this outrageous, gore-drenched action comedy following the son of a murdered Yakuza boss as he is transformed into a robotic killing machine, and seeks violent revenge against his father's killers. Shozo Iwaki (Sakaguchi) is on assignment in South America when he receives word that his father, prominent crime boss Kenzo Iwaki (Akaji Maro) has just been assassinated. Upon arriving back home and learning that the man responsible is none other than Kurawaki (Shingo Tsurumi) - his late father's right-hand man - Shozo sets out to deliver bloody payback. In the explosive battle that follows, Shozo loses and arm and a leg and Kurawaki is knocking on death's door. Later awakening in a clandestine operating room with an M61 Vulcan cannon for a right arm and a rocket launcher for a left leg, the vengeful Shozo realizes he's been given a second chance to settle his score with Kurawaki. Meanwhile, the backstabbing gangster has transformed Shozo's best friend Tetsuo (Jun Murakami) into a drug-crazed killer, and dispatched him on a mission to kill Shozo on sight. Now in order to get to Kurawaki, Shozo will have to go through his best friend first.

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Critic Reviews for Gokudô heiki (Yakuza Weapon)

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Audience Reviews for Gokudô heiki (Yakuza Weapon)

  • Apr 12, 2012
    Talk about frenzy, this film is completely screwball crazy with guns and explosions on top!. Quite literately a frenetic manga adaptation which is balls to the wall with massive fights, lopped off body parts and fountains of blood. Its Japanese and you do expect this but even this is insane, the plot isn't too complex and basically revolves around a Yakuza assassin getting vengeance against the killing of his gang boss father. There is double cross in there too but this film is really all about the crazy ass effects and shock value gore. The cost doesn't look too high as much of the effects on show are your basic old techniques which range from looking effective to down right silly but this isn't really suppose to be more than a fun low budget B-movie. Add in some outrageous CGI when 'Shozo' gets his arm replaced with a mini-gun and his knee turned into a rocket launcher (yep you read correctly) and you get some really quite daft looking results. Tonnes of carnage and a never ending stream of henchmen, both fun and stupid. The only cast member I know of is good old Tak Sakaguchi and here he plays the main role, it suits him well and he looks good with his little porkpie type hat on. The whole film swings from slick and cool to down right ludicrous and will only appeal to people who like these type of Japanese ultra violent comicbook films. Personally I think the original manga comic probably works better, I haven't read or seen it but clearly its something that's hard to translate to film (bit Like 'Tank Girl').
    Phil H Super Reviewer
  • Jan 25, 2012
    Tak Sakaguchi and Yudai Yamaguchi's teamup on <i>Yakuza Weapon</i> turns out a tolerable erratic movie.<p>Without surprise, there is very little in the way of plot. Even if there was, a good portion of it would be overshadowed by the excessive over the top antics of this so-called Japanese gore flick. The story begins with an action filled and lengthy introduction before wandering about to introduce characters.</p><p>The violence is extreme, low budget, and outrageous, which is everything this film is made out to be. The choreography behind the action segments are amusing, as well as the cinematography, especially in a single 4-5 minute shot in the second half of the picture.</p><p>Thanks to a lot of yelling, Tak Sakaguchi overdoes his character a little. Nonetheless, he has the persona of the tough guy hero that he portrays. Mei Kurokawa provides some nice eye candy with a more subdued character when compared to many of the others.</p><p>There isn't much to take serious in <i>Yakuza Weapon</i> but it is passable for a nutty 100 minutes.</p>
    JY S Super Reviewer

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