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September 9, 2017
A great concept with a superhero so bad that they need a PR makeover, but it falls off the rails so quickly with a ridiculous twist.
August 9, 2017
Underrated super hero movie. Good characters, humor. Certain things are unsatisfying (the whole fated to repeat thing).
July 31, 2017
Just got done watching this today.
½ July 28, 2017
I enjoyed this movie and thought the story was creative and it was also funny, you can't truly review this movie until you understand the whole just of it
July 25, 2017
I like this movie a lot , but it's a film of two halves and the first half is better than the second half. Hancock is a superhero who is depressed and misunderstood and the first half of the film uses this to Great effect. But the second half turns into a battle between two superheroes and changes the tone off the film completely. Overall it is a good film and the effects are great
½ June 28, 2017
Great film, could have been more dramatic scenes but was still really good.
½ June 26, 2017
Hancock I feel was unjustly criticized because the trailers marketed it as a goofy superhero comedy when in reality, it takes dramatic turns to show the dark side of being the only being with superpowers. However, I feel like it balances tones very evenly. The dramatic parts are very well done, and the comedic parts are hilarious. Hancock is a prime example of why you shouldn't judge a movie based on the marketing.

May 25, 2017
'Hancock' was directed by Peter Berg and stars Will Smith, Jason Bateman and Charlize Theron. Thanks to his alcoholism and lack of charm, Hancock(Will Smith) is despised by the public despite helping a lot of people. This should all change when he meets PR Manager Ray Embrey(Jason Bateman), who wants to make Hancock a fully loved superhero.

This movie is just not entertaining. If you enjoy this movie then fine, enjoy its poorness but don't come to me and say 'oh its an in depth character study of what its like to be a superhero' because I will punch you. Very little other than Smithy's little hamster legs are keeping this movie spinning, and little other than him make this movie even remotely watchable. The story is poor, the acting is lacklustre, none of the characters are even remotely likable or interesting; it's just a really shabbily made movie. I will say that the lack of a central villain(other than Captain Hook) was this movie's primary downfall. Movies can be great without a strong villain('Iron Man) or even a villain full stop('Cast Away') but for a movie like this, I feel like one was necessary and the inclusion of a more prominent one would have been to this movie's favour. If you feel the need to watch this piece of sweaty cheese, I cannot stop you but I definitely recommend you avoid it at all cost.

The story was so bland in this movie, and so forgettable. It was incredibly dull and its ending sucked. They tried to add more lore in one scene that there are pages in the Qu'ran.

One thing that no one can take away from Will Smith is how charismatic the guy is. He could make 'Schindler's List' an even funnier comedy just by being there. Hancock, on the other hand, is a worthless waste of space who contains no redeeming qualities and is just unlikable. He could have been written so much better, to the point where I actually care about the public liking him. As much as I like Jason Bateman, his character was very one dimensional and any attempts to make him multi-dimensional failed miserably. Charlize Theron was also entirely one note throughout the entire movie. She was angry the entire time aside from those precious moments were a character shows 'Emotion?'. Preposterous! Movies aren't about emotion. They're about slow motions lumps of fat bounding in the wind, alcoholism and The Rock. Who needs acting and emotion and WRITING AND ANYTHING THAT MAKES A MOVIE WORTH WATCHING!!!!!!!!! Jae Head was pretty weak as Aaron and served no purpose to the 'plot'. There were little to no character motivations and any attempts at them were entirely contrived and didn't need to be there. My main flaw with this movie is that Hancock has no real opposition. Movies like THIS require villains with more complexity than CAPTAIN HOOK. Go back to Netherland you handless, green tight wearing waste of space.

The cinematography was awful. The editing was abysmal. Facebook live videos are better shot than this. I least the camera is straight in them. It's clear that Berg went to the CGI Fetish Anonymous meeting with George Lucas because it's just awful in this movie and is used so frequently. Lucas and Berg like poor CGI more than Hitler loved baking. The costume design was very bland and the set design was very generic. It was a very technically flawed movie.

The action in this movie was atrocious. The humour was terrible and even 'some kinda Suicide Squad' couldn't 'white people that ****'. It failed to set up the characters well and all world building was terribly done.

In conclusion, I despise this movie and I can't comprehend how people like it. The story was generic. The acting was very poor. The characters were very weak and there is little in this movie to hold it above complete and utter failure. Run little Smith, run because if this movie catches up to you, you're gonna be Facebook living the 'Squad'.

May 24, 2017
It has its moments of genuineness.
May 1, 2017
Great movie, original take on traditional superhero movie. Heaps of fun
April 25, 2017
There's a single moment in this movie that pays a very high price for the laugh that it gets. The price is that of ruining my suspension of disbelief for the rest of the movie. After that moment I never got fully back into it and my rating is partly a reflection of that. Yes, the final act also gets a little wacky and unexpected stuff occurs but I didn't mind that at all and despite it's problems it did entertain me.
April 14, 2017
A new kind of superhero movie that's entertaining as ever!
½ April 12, 2017
One of those movies that starts out fantastically and gets progressively worse the longer it goes on. It's still a fresh, unique take on the superhero genre.
½ April 8, 2017
The Tomatometer isn't very fair to this one. It's not exactly art, sure, but it's amply entertaining and Will Smith adds enough wit to prevent it from being lame. Superman is boring because he's just such a nice young man; at least Hancock is fun to watch because people kind of annoy him and he's not interested in being a savior. Some things don't set out to be taken that seriously and tackle social issues, and I think that should be taken into account by critics.
½ April 2, 2017
I like loved this film it was basically a more realistic superhero hero
March 28, 2017
Incoherence is obvious. Charlize Theron does her usual capable performance. Jason Bateman is ok but Will Smith is over rated for a reason. The other characters carry him. This is an annoying little move that is hard to watch. The story is poorly told. Will Smith is simply wrong for the part. He hasn't done a performance the warrants A list status - ever. In his more successful movies the plot of supporting characters carry him. Nothing can carry him though this disaster. Given the number of critics ripping on this film, I would say they know what they are talking about. mediocre execution. Very weak CGI and then whose the bad guy? Weak screenplay. Starts out stronger than it finishes.
March 27, 2017
The first 10 minutes hook you into the film right away which is impressive but it looses you just as fast due to a weak plot, uninspired action and an incredibly stupid plot twist.
February 6, 2017
It's good movie to watch
January 31, 2017
Hancock's funny premise is set up well enough, but drastically falls apart by the second half.
January 25, 2017
Hancock is not an asshole, he's a hero!
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