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Melissa Sue Anderson stars as Virginia, a co-ed haunted by suspicions that she may be the psycho who is killing off her fellow students.

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Glenn Ford
as Dr. Faraday
Jack Blum
as Alfred
Frances Hyland
as Mrs. Patterson
Sharon Acker
as Estelle
Lesleh Donaldson
as Bernadette
Earl Pennington
as Lt. Tracy
Murray Westgate
as Gatekeeper
Jerome Tiberghien
as Prof. Heregard
Maurice Pedbrey
as Dr. Feinblum
Vlasta Vrana
as Bartender
Alan Katz
as Ann's Date
Ron Lea
as Amelia's Date
Terry Haig
as Feinblum's Assistant
Karen Stephen
as Miss Calhoun
Nick Kilvertus
as Anesthetist
Damir Andrei
as Junior Surgeon
Gina Dick
as Waitress
Aram Barkev
as Conventioneer
Alan Barnett
as Conventioneer
Paul Board
as Conventioneer
Marc Degagne
as Conventioneer
Bruce Gooding
as Conventioneer
Victor Knight
as Conventioneer
Rollie Nicheri
as Conventioneer
Keith Sutherland
as Conventioneer
Herbert Vool
as Conventioneer
Len Watt
as Conventioneer
Joe Wertheimer
as Conventioneer
Walter Massey
as Conventioneer
Karen Hynes
as Cheerleader
Debbie McGellin
as Cheerleader
Kathy Reid
as Cheerleader
Debbie Tull
as Cheerleader
Lynn Wilson
as Cheerleader
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Critic Reviews for Happy Birthday to Me

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Audience Reviews for Happy Birthday to Me

  • Sep 30, 2013
    Happy Birthday to Me is pretty standard slasher, it gets right into the slashing, and is followed by loads of fake scares. This is similar to the Scream movies-that I love- but here I was never surprised by a fake out. Often these fake scares were just characters acting creepy. The film has plenty of gory films in it, as it chops its' way through the smug private school characters. My favorite kill was the bench press, which had me laughing. Happy Birthday To Me gets props for the weirdness, which really shows at the end. It seems to get some inspiration from Brian De Palmas, Sisters. While I laughed, and was kept entertained, the film didn't work at all as a horror. No scares, but often funny, even if unintentionally.
    Daniel D Super Reviewer
  • Nov 02, 2011
    Happy Birthday to Me is a slow as molasses 80's teen slasher that's mediocre at best. It's dull, has a boring plot, takes itself far too seriously, and worst of all, is waaaaaay too long. The kills are few, far between, and even off-camera (defeating the entire purpose of a freakin' slasher movie in the first place), there's no t&a and no humor. I would recommend it if you needed two hours of background noise or a sleep-aid, but the frequent screams and yells (often for completely no point) would quickly ruin either of those scenarios. The only vaguely entertaining part of the movie is the truly ludicrous ending, but that's not worth the nearly two hours of boredom that would be required to get to it. Worst birthday, ever.
    Lewis C Super Reviewer
  • Jan 30, 2011
    Good little 80s slasher with a decent array of inventive kills, quite violent too for its day. The ending is a memorable one which will catch you off guard with its twist. At the end of it all it's a good and entertaining viewing but not quite sleazy or brutal enough for my tastes.
    Lee ? Super Reviewer
  • Oct 21, 2010
    Another entry into the early 1980's horror genre, Happy Birthday To me follows Virginia (Melissa Sue Anderson) and her group of friends who start getting killed off one by one in this lovely body count film from the people that brought you My Bloody Valentine. Poor Virginia has that age old problem of repressed memories and these images start coming to her just as her friends start dying in ways only available with latex and corn syrup. Not as bloody as its brethren of the era, this film is more psychological than gory horror as Virginia continues to crack up time and again. And guess who her doctor is? It's Glen Ford! What the hell is he doing in this garbage? Everyone needs a check. That's what this film is- garbage. A cheap exercise in cashing in on Halloween and Friday the 13th that fails to captivate like those movies did. This movie isn't even Prom Night. It's a little long for what it's worth and there is no real pay off throughout the film. Trans Am enthusiasts will be in awe over the 1976 T/A that says Turbo in the rear spoiler, yet has a standard shaker. Yeah, I know.
    Chris G Super Reviewer

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