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April 13, 2017
Mays Gilliam did not attend this years rally against cancer! Is Mays Gilliam for or against Cancer?
February 5, 2017
Terrible! It's not funny and will bore you. (First and only viewing - In my early twenties)
½ September 6, 2016
Way better than I remembered it. Funny movie. Good time.
January 22, 2016
Very bad film. Avoid this at all costs.

Rock is a man who continues to perpetuate stereotypes for the price of "comedy" and continues making one terrible film after the other.
June 24, 2015
Chris Rock es genial
February 19, 2015
Alderman becomes President in this predictable comedy starring Chris Rock.
½ September 23, 2014
Week comedy with a some laughs and a good cast.
June 29, 2014
A couple of funny seconds based on phony stereotypes and then it was over. Thank god.
½ June 23, 2014
Hoped for more laughs (14) TV
June 8, 2014
This film missed out on some great opportunities by keeping it PG13 and never really getting political enough, instead its for the common people, like the candidates platform. Though it would've been much better with a more satirical look at the government, the tone is still good.
½ April 24, 2014
Stupid film about a black man becoming president. The fact that this happened soon after this film was made is about as far from prophetic as can be, it just showed that Chris Rock clearly overestimated American racism. I actually think that comedians who use their race as 90% of thier act are not helping matters so films like this do my head in a bit. I gave it an few extra credits for some of the common sense spoken in this otherwise silly film.
April 7, 2014
Ok movie. Decent amount of laughs, ok performances from Rock and Mac.
September 28, 2013
A black man becomes President... how silly! The comedy is low-brow and not too funny.
½ September 14, 2013
Chris Rock is an alderman, the candidate for the Democratic party are killed in an accident, so he is chosen so they can lose without worrying about their image being tarnished from the loss. Instead, he turns situation on its head and becomes a viable candidate. It's weird watching this in a post Obama world, but I can see what this film was trying to do. Unfortunately, it's really only funny for the first half with the culture clash and Bernie Mac. Then it just gets really boring and predictable without being funny. Could have been better.
½ August 11, 2013
This movie had a good concept, but very poorly played out.
August 4, 2013
1989's Do The Right Thing Is My Eighth Favorite Film Of All Time.
½ July 17, 2013
Clever political satire, really resembles the presidential run of someone else we might know. (It's Alan Gou you racists)
½ June 14, 2013
Although it's forgettable and a little bit incoherent, Head of State has enough humor from Chris Rock and Bernie Mac to keeps itself from sinking.
June 3, 2013
It's amazing how some movies get old so fast. Now that America actually has an ethnic president, this movie is no longer a laughing matter.
May 27, 2013
It has some funny parts but overall there is not enough meat to make a full movie out of. Chris Rock is very good; I cringe to think what this would have been with anyone else in the lead. His timing and ability to satire the political system with keen remarks and cutting delivery keep this from failing. As a satire the movie works pretty well but I wish they had exaggerated more and dug in deeper in a more while making their points. Chris Rock carries the whole movie on his back and it is a shame that there were not better support characters to bolster this movie and push it to the next level. Bernie Mac's character was unfortunately undeveloped and underutilized as the Vice President candidate. The overly simple plot did not do any favors either. If Rock had more help this could have been really good but there are too many things that do not work and it settles for middle of the road.
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