Jan 4, 2020
Everyone else, mystery buffs included, should get their money's worth out of spending a few hours in the company of Hickey and Boggs.
May 21, 2014
This was Culp's only venture into movie directing, and he handles the assignment well, and he and Cosby are both credible in their roles.
May 21, 2014
"Hickey and Boggs" is not involved in a story or with characters really worthy of a full theatrical treatment.
Feb 23, 2012
Suffers through audience never being entirely certain as to the identity of some of the characters.
Feb 3, 2006
Walter Hill wrote this tough, uncompromising story of two down-on-their-luck private eyes. Marks a career high for both stars of TV's I Spy. Another of those overlooked 1970s gems that's ripe for rediscovery.
Dec 7, 2004
Not a pretty story, but it should bring a smile to Peckinpah.