Aug 22, 2018
Predictable, derivative, tedious, distasteful, badly written, stupid, insulting to women, insulting to Eastern Europeans, clichéd, woefully directed and woefully acted all round.
Mar 24, 2007
If you fancy being depressed this weekend, why not pop along to this film about two British blokes making porn?
Mar 23, 2007
Ropey bit-part actors - this cheerful exploitation of The Full Monty formula still entertains.
Mar 23, 2007
A warm-hearted, smutty comedy that, if predictable, has a likeable cast and plenty of zip.
Mar 20, 2007
This is no Full Monty, but like the film-within-a-film, it's got enough creativity and enthusiasm to win young audiences over. And, of course, it's also rather rude.