Oct 9, 2021
Hardy's performance shows off his range as an actor and is a perfect image of his acting chops. Beyond Hardy, [it] is a flawed gangster film with shifts in tone and [a familiar] plot.
Feb 26, 2021
Legend sweeps aside the actual drama of everyday life in favor of gory exotica.
Nov 19, 2019
Legend is chaotic, fast-paced and visually impressive, with [Tom] Hardy delivering his best performance to date.
May 4, 2019
Flashy production and performances don't distract from the film's flaws, though the American Helgeland nails the minutiae of British life.
Mar 1, 2019
This is a brisk stroll through London's crime syndicate with a dual Tom Hardy performance that's worth the steep price of admission.
Dec 7, 2018
Tom Hardy fans and Sixties aficionados should be pleased, but those seeking a really engrossing gangster story should continue the search.
Aug 23, 2018
As a double vehicle for a fantastic actor, it is worth watching.
Aug 22, 2018
A well polished, but plodding biopic, driven by strong character performances and a well-chosen cast.
Apr 11, 2018
Hardy's double performance is a joy to behold, but the film maybe doesn't quite have the conviction to make it as legendary as some would've hoped.
Nov 21, 2017
Legend is indecently entertaining, but as an East End western it doesn't have a thought in its head other than to forgive the Krays for all their sins.
Nov 9, 2017
Legend has all the elements of a period gangster film in place, along with dollops of additional dash and verve.
Oct 26, 2017
For all its good looks, Legend is a let-down, hampered by the vanity of its star and by what, for British audiences, at least, feels like a Krays-lite version of a very familiar story.
Oct 16, 2017
Fans of Tom Hardy will find plenty to like, but no one else has a reason to watch this movie.
Aug 16, 2017
[Tom] Hardy doesn't just act. He doesn't just become a screen character. He embodies the real-life personalities he is attempting to portray and ends up achieving something that warrants such adjectives as dynamic and fearless and even unforgettable.
Aug 14, 2017
Director Brian Helgeland lays everything on with a trowel, but subtlety isn't why we're here. The flash, the violence, and Tom Hardy's twin performances make Legend a fun ride.
Feb 28, 2017
Tom Hardy does not so much act in films as wildly devour them, drawing every last ounce of energy and audience love his way. In Legend... he sucks an entire dressing-up box towards him as well.
Aug 18, 2016
Legend really does waste the majority of its potential, Helgeland never tapping into the story of the Kray brothers in a way that is essential or lasting.
Jul 31, 2016
Tom Hardy shines in "Legend" -- twice, in fact -- but his satisfying dual performance is the *only* thing Brian Helgeland's film has going for it.
Jul 14, 2016
Legend is the best movie of the year if your idea of a great movie is watching one of our preeminent actors hamming it up for two hours and change in service of a lacking story.
Jul 10, 2016
An alarming botch of a biopic on top of being an all-round cheesy gangster movie.