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½ May 21, 2018
Second worst movie ever, just behind Kung Fury
April 7, 2018
'The Lost Boys' is the ultimate teen vampire film with an iconic cast, thrills, and dark humor, but the plot is weak and suffers from the 1980s silliness that seemed to plague teen films during this decade. Nonetheless, it still remains a fun and entertaining cult film.
½ April 5, 2018
It works as a parody film, and it works as a cheesy vampire flick

The settings, the set up and the way the plot is formed, the characters, the energetic performances, the clothes, the soundtrack all those things are wonderful.

It has plot holes, stupidly directed scenes that you can't understand what they are really mean, tonal shifts that aren't very smooth, and silly dramatic moments, and I didn't care too much about all those flaws.

It was a hell of a fun ride!

March 28, 2018
Cult horror-humor movie about vampires.
½ March 7, 2018
A purely gonzo, gothic experience that is both suspenseful and adventurous. Santa Cruz is a vibrant world unto itself, and its inhabitants know the score. This also features the most 1980s-centric image ever conceived outside of a Nagel painting: a gyrating, musclebound saxophone player!
February 23, 2018
One of My Favorite Vampire Flicks, BEST 80's Vampire Movie YET
½ February 19, 2018
It's a style over substance film, but Schumacher directs with convincing camera work, good acting (kudos to Kiefer Sutherland as the main antagonist), good action, and just enough good-hearted/quirky humour to make this an enjoyable popcorn film to watch time and time again.
There's even some social commentary in here too...maybe? If not, there's certainly enough here to take someone back to 1987!
½ January 14, 2018
Stylishly 80's flavored vampire fun.
½ December 25, 2017
Nostalgia will come in spades. This is a good movie if you like cult classics.
December 21, 2017
It's a mixed bag with conflicting ideas and themes. It's part teen drama and part The Goonies. The plot is run of the mill and very predictable. The climax is however well done. I do think it's funny they were unable to show the bat transformation and simply went with a POV shot. ANd a couple of them are played in reverse. The initiation was fun to watch but overall this film just left we wanting more. If they focused on the drama and horror aspect this would have been far better. The younger kids in this film really take away from the better parts. It's ok.
December 9, 2017
When I heard about The Lost Boys I thought it's about Peter Pan and his friends known as The Lost Boys, but no, it's an 80's teen horror film about vampires. Not to mention that I've listened to the soundtrack years ago when I was a child. The more I think about it, the more I know it. The Lost Boys had a good cast of teenagers also adults. It stars Jason Patric, Corey Haim, Dianne Wiest, Edward Herrmann, Kiefer Sutherland and Corey Feldman. I think Kiefer Sutherland plays a good part as a vampire leader. He's really good at playing baddies. He tries to get Michael to be one of them and do things what vampires do. Okay, now let me get to the technical's here, I am a huge fan of the soundtrack! To me the soundtrack from The Lost Boys is so atmosperic. I actually love the songs from this like "Cry Little Sister", "Lost in the Shadows" by Lou Gramm, "People Are Strange" by Echo and the Bunnymen and my personal favourite "Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me". Actually there's another song from it which is sung by George Michael and Elton John which is rather usual. The soundtrack is the highlight of the film and it is awesome from beginning to end! Top-notch soundtrack! I could listen to it more often! Ask for the movie though, the movie is awesome as well from the beginning to the very end! Not to mention that it's directed by Joel Schumacher, he really did blend the horror, the comedy and the humor to the film. Everyone remembers The Lost Boys and who doesn't? It's a film that really cooperate the culture with the atmosphere. If you haven't seen The Lost Boys or haven't heard of it you should go and watch it now. It really gets the fans of the film the connection of being the vampire and it blends with an awesome soundtrack, excellent cinematography and awesome thrills. If you want to have an awesome time watching everybody's favourite film of all time The Lost Boys with your friends I say sleep all day, party all night, never grow old and never die. It's fun to be a vampire.
November 23, 2017
Kinda cheesy, but cool and serviceable for a vampire film!
½ November 23, 2017
A modern day vampire epic already a classic. Everyone has to watch it once.
November 21, 2017
Love this film Saw it when it first came out
October 29, 2017
It had great performances and a good story. Its a vampire movie that you don't expect.
½ October 22, 2017
I give this a 92/A-.
October 3, 2017
This is incredibly fun and has a great story and an excellent cast.
September 26, 2017
The soundtrack is the best part of the movie.
September 25, 2017
Never grow old, never die. But you must feed...
September 16, 2017
Great fantastic phenomenal movie that I'm going to put this movie down as a Halloween October movie starring keifer Sutherland, the kid with glasses from Stand by me, the guy who plays Bill in Bill and Ted who's barely in the movie at all, and some random people that nobody knows and probably cares about but just a little. I really enjoyed this movie, I'm looking for good Halloween movies to watch every year when Halloween comes around and I can't wait to see this again for Halloween.
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