The Lost Weekend Reviews

January 28, 2020
The Lost [Weekend] is a fascinating, horrifying, and quite honest picture of a few days in the life of a hopeless alcoholic.
April 22, 2019
The "curse of the drink" was never more vividly dealt with than in The Lost Weekend. It is a modern version of an old-time thriller type of melodrama about the evils of over-imbibing, more streamlined and scientific than its predecessors,
February 19, 2013
One of cinema's earliest and best portraits of drug addiction.
February 23, 2012
Under Wilder's imaginative direction, Milland has been able to convey just what an uncontrollable craving for liquor does to a man's mind, his body and soul.
February 17, 2009
Director Billy Wilder's technique of photographing Third Avenue in the grey morning sunlight with a concealed camera to keep the crowds from being self-conscious gives this sequence the shock of reality.
February 20, 2008
It is intense, morbid -- and thrilling. Here is an intelligent dissection of one of society's most rampant evils.
December 12, 2006
Today it's less impressive but not without its virtues.
February 9, 2006
What makes the film so gripping is the brilliance with which Wilder uses John F Seitz's camerawork to range from an unvarnished portrait of New York brutally stripped of all glamour.
May 20, 2003
A shatteringly realistic and morbidly fascinating film.