Luck by Chance Reviews

July 7, 2010
Luck by Chance is a sharp look at how stardom is both desired and created and the personal and professional toll it can take on those who pursue it.
February 11, 2009
Expensively polished, with portions shot in the now-notorious Taj Mahal hotel and a bombastic techno-poppy soundtrack currently getting raves in India, the film mostly just makes one nostalgic for Bollywood classics.
February 5, 2009
An enjoyable but ultimately toothless inside-Bollywood dramady.
January 30, 2009
Bursting with the usual colorful pop music numbers and lighter-than-a-soap-bubble quandaries, the film is a typical Bollywood entry, not likely to win over many new converts.
January 30, 2009
Luck by Chance is an appealing tale of two would-be actors looking for movie stardom.