Die Marquise von O... (The Marquise of O) Reviews

April 10, 2018
This picture, all gussied up into stage tableaux, looks like a Goethe House Gala performed in Bloomingdale's Show Rooms.
August 27, 2015
This minor Rohmer may not have much to offer beyond the clarity of its perspective (and the soft beauty of Nestor Almendros's delicate cinematography), but its message will only grow more urgent in time.
August 25, 2015
Marquise is almost ironically uninflected, like a tense game of chess. But soon the no-nonsense two-shots and scarlet-satin self-consciousness let the story build to genuine fireworks.
November 15, 2007
The film's slow, stately pace and the quiet way in which it makes its points give it the aura of a neoclassical dream, a fading vision of the virtue of gentility.
September 28, 2007
[Rohmer] opting, in his colour scheme, sets and camerawork, for a style that hovers between formalism and realism, and so further distances the viewer from the characters.
May 10, 2005
It's a dazzling testament to the civilizing effects of several different arts, witty, joyous and so beautiful.