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½ April 15, 2018
Even Bill Murray couldn't save this ridiculous film with adult themes being based around kids in elementary school. I'd say the writer and director couldn't make up their minds.
April 8, 2018
Feel better about how long it took me to finally see the notorious MEATBALLS because it is hardly the definitive Murray movie its cult status suggests. If you love early Bill Murray, who gives a surprisingly heartfelt performance here, and don't expect Animal House, you'll have fun with MEATBALLS, which in its own homegrown Americana way is a minor classic.
March 29, 2018
Entertaining, funny enough, aged well.
February 1, 2018
I loved this film since it came out in the theaters. A couple of years ago, I bought on DVD. I love every scene in the movie.
I watched Meatballs over a hundred times. More times I can count.
September 22, 2017
Authentic and believable for the most part meatballs is like s blast back to chill hood summer's.
July 16, 2017
Story about summer campers, the camp counselors, and their grudge against a rival more wealthy camp. This is a fairly good movie considering its a PG movie and I hate PG movies about teens. Bill Murray's first movie and he's the reason the movie works. Plus Reitman who really does a great job with the awkward and "bad at sports" kid Rudy's story.
Super Reviewer
July 8, 2017
With a tip of the hat to Robert Altman's M.A.S.H,, we join 'the other guys'(who are not rich, or privileged, or anything like that) kids at summer camp as they learn important life lessons like 'we ARE just as good as the rich and privileged kids' and 'we may not have masseuses or chauffeurs but we still know how to have fun'. Bill Murray struggles under the onus of being this camp's Hawkeye Pierce, needing to be 'wacky' in nearly every scene. I smiled once, I think, catching sight of a cochroach leaving the theater.
June 16, 2017
This film isn't Bill Murray's best. It also isn't the funniest movie in the world, but its worth watching if you like Bill Murray. Its basically Friday the 13th without the killing and Jason.

Rating: 6.1/10
Mark H.
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½ April 9, 2017
I was somewhat surprised to see a 75% rating on RT, and I'm almost certain that was NOT the reception it received from critics in 1979. This movie, if I am not mistaken, was almost universally panned by critics back then. I don't know if people are sentimental about this movie, or if our standards and mindsets have changed. In any event, Meatballs is actually a very sweet film, unfairly criticized as an Animal House-type rip off. It's actually not very vulgar, or sexy, or offensive at all. Perhaps in 1979, people were more easily shocked? Meatballs features Bill Murray in his very first lead roll, and he carries the movie from start to finish. The history of how this movie got made, and how Murray was hardly a lock to play Tripper is worth a Google. Ivan Reitman wanted a shot at directing a teen comedy after he was denied the director's chair on Animal House. He produced it instead, and when given the chance, soon after directed Meatballs. This movie most likely would be long forgotten had Murray passed on it. However, there is just enough goofy camp situations and supporting character development to make this movie worth while. What is most surprising about this movie is how sentimental and sweet it really is. You have to be a fairly cynical person to dislike the harmlessness of this film. It isn't a great film by any means, but it manages to be a little touching, a little funny, and is very easy to watch. This is a good choice for young teenagers who desperately want to see Porky's or Animal House, but aren't old enough for that just yet. A nice effort from a virtual novice (in film) from Murray, the SNL newbie and National Lampoon alum. Worth a spot in the genre's hall of fame. Honorable mention, anyway.
January 15, 2017
Bill Murray is the best
October 30, 2016
one of Bill Murray's greatest work of arts continous laughing and a great family movie
August 19, 2016
Comedy about a teen who attends a wild summer camp and befriends a crazy camp counselor. It's predictable premise hampers what could've been a bright, funny and intelligent film.
½ August 14, 2016
Okay comedy. Not as mean spirited as I was expecting. Some of the early scenes show characters getting put down and mistreated, but in the end, they gain the acceptance of their peers.

Having never been on a summer camp, many of the jokes went over my head.
August 5, 2016
Summer camp given the goofy make-over with some good scenes.
½ July 25, 2016
Between the summer camp setting, the colorful characters, and the casual aimlessness, Meatballs is fun, if flawed, summer viewing. It's an easy film to enjoy, running only 92 minutes and not requiring any hard thinking or overly emotional moments to ponder over. It's just a bunch of kids and young adults getting into all kinds of shenanigans, led by a charismatic Bill Murray. In fact, Bill Murray is the driving force behind this movie: surrounded by a cast of generally unmemorable characters, Murray's childlike camp counselor is highly entertaining. His character is at his finest when he's interacting with young introverted camper Rudy (Chris Makepeace), who looks up to Murray's Tripper as a sort of big brother figure throughout the film. The rest of the subplots, including but not limited to a basketball game with a rival camp and the multitude of relationships and love triangles among campers, lack the same kind of charm, and are much more forgettable.

There's not a lot to Meatballs overall. It's a harmless piece of summer entertainment that is sure to delight you in some way. Ivan Reitman's direction isn't anything flashy and the script (partially written by Harold Ramis) is aimless, but Bill Murray is expectedly amusing in a film that is just fun, for a lack of better wording.
May 26, 2016
I know this is regarded as a comedy classic of sorts, and was Murray and Reitman's first big movie (kinda) but I gotta admit it does not hold up as well as their other films of that time. It just seemed dated and corny and predictable. I will say Murray gives a great performance, it definitely proved that he was a star and leading man, and him and chris makepeace have some nice scenes together, but most the jokes just fall flat, despite all that though, it does leave you feeling happy, it just has so much energy and positivity that I cant hate it, but definitely not as classic as some may make it out to be
May 22, 2016
Billy Murray's film debut is a great movie to watch during the summer time, and it will always be a good classic.
½ May 18, 2016
Now there's a great summer camp comedy. Was a nice way to wash the taste of Wet Hot outta my mouth. lol. It's basically like Animal House at summer camp.
½ January 8, 2016
It is funny and is okay other then that it is a highlight for Bill Murray's acting
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