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June 27, 2020
The visual style constantly reminds me of the aesthetic similarities it shares with Coppola's 'Apocalypse Now', portraying the darkness of the human being in the heart of a Colombian jungle. [Full review in Spanish]
June 26, 2020
The fresh thrill of chaos -- of teenage abandon bearing down on a broken system -- courses through this dreamy, violent third feature from Colombian-Ecuadorian writer-director Alejandro Landes.
June 26, 2020
An engrossing, immersive, unsettling world of isolation, life-or-death struggles, and raging youth. Apocalyptic and oblique, nightmarish and surreal, it's a dark allegory, one that contains weirdly more Gummi Bear fun facts than expected.
June 25, 2020
It's clear from the start that Landes is out to make a tragedy about innocence lost and the wickedness of political movements that rule by remote control with the capriciousness of Greek gods. He's succeeded brilliantly.
June 24, 2020
A wild and provocative ride into the magic realism of guerrilla adoctrination. [Full review in Spanish].
June 10, 2020
What's interesting about a movie like Monos is the quasi-documentary approach to hierarchies, processes, and rituals among the young soldiers. [Full review in Spanish]
June 9, 2020
Monos is the type of movie that doesn't leave viewers indifferent because in a way it manages to provoke a feeling in all of us. [Full Review in Spanish]
May 28, 2020
A brutal, engrossing, superbly well-shot, well-scored and better-than-average thriller of child-soldiers at war.
May 22, 2020
[...] a stunning looking film, but the musical approach [from Mica Levi] is what really makes it stick in your head...
April 3, 2020
Despite all the references, it's bracingly original. That duality is also present as a travelogue: here are some of the most beautiful locations in the world, exquisitely shot, along with reason to never visit them.
March 27, 2020
Essential viewing for anyone seeking an intense survival experience told with expert framing.
March 26, 2020
There are allusions to William Golding's Lord of the Flies, but that fine novel, and Peter Brook's 1962 screen adaptation, though also elliptical, provided far more satisfying drama than Landes somewhat frustrating epic...
March 6, 2020
[Monos] is, by all means, a dark, intense and unforgiving coming of age film that might just be one of the most daring films of 2019.
March 5, 2020
Monos sucks you into its almost unearthly world, with just under two hours of running time slipping easily away as your drawn into the shaken lives of these teenagers and their relationships.
February 24, 2020
Without forgetting his influences, [director] Alejandro Landes is able to find his own voice and, what is even more exceptional, is able to give resonance to those of each of his story's protagonists. [Full review in Spanish]
February 21, 2020
Monos turns that conflict into an overwhelming essay about violence and detachment. [Full Review in Spanish]
February 21, 2020
To a so direct to the jugular job, with so many cinematographic and literary references, a little more background risk would have been good. [Full Review in Spanish]
February 18, 2020
Horrifying and beautiful. [Full review in Spanish]
February 18, 2020
Alejandro Landes' guerrilla rites of passage offer a bleakly surreal child-soldier sensorium.
February 11, 2020
It's intriguing enough to worth a look, but in the end, not much of it sticks with us.
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