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½ July 19, 2016
Funny, with a solid and iconic soundtrack and benefiting from John Belushi in his top form, Animal House entertains teens and young adults.
½ July 12, 2016
Much like Caddyshack, another Harold Ramis penned movie, Animal House exists as more of a serious of sketches than a cohesive 3 act story. But it has an anarchic energy and a deft ability to extract laughs from the simplest and most common of situations that it really doesn't matter. It may not have made me laugh as much as I thought it would, considering it's one of cinemas most acclaimed comedies, but when it did the comedy came from wit and character and hit bullseye every time. John Belushi near steals the show with every gag he makes. His devilish grin, his wriggling eyebrows, the way he invests himself in every joke. It's a real shame we lost him so soon. Even if you don't like the movie you can witness its influence in comedies even today, and it's most certainly worth seeing for its quirkiness, quotability and unashamed immaturity.
July 5, 2016
not as good as i remember it, but still pretty fun
May 20, 2016
Classic. Basically the first of it's kind with funny antics and madcap fun.
May 3, 2016
A must see comedy classic.
½ April 23, 2016
National Lampoon's Animal House (1978) ? 1/2
Spectacularly unfunny "comedy" with Belushi mugging as ever as an oddball in college campus. Gags galore, but they all miss their mark, whatever they were in the first place.
March 26, 2016
Mate de risa esta locura, solo el final fue super extraño.
½ March 26, 2016
Great story but not very funny but relatable as a frat boy
March 18, 2016
A comedy with a memorable ensemble cast full of laughs for everyone
½ February 21, 2016
Inspirational mind***w.
February 8, 2016
This is the classic college film. It was the foundation of the genre and is perfect as a comedy. Every single scene has been quoted by thousands of college and fraternity young men. John Belushi and the cast are in their amateurish best and it just seems to click on every level. It is difficult to think of improving any scene in this film. The Neidermeyer horse scene is incredibly hilarious.

This is an honest, straight up hilarious boy's romp through college and spawned the endless attempts to recreate its original glory.
½ January 21, 2016
Being iconic and being a timeless comedy classic are two separate things. "Animal House" is funny, but it's average at best.
January 18, 2016
John Landis brings us one of his earliest tales. This one is about college kids, one special fraternity that is on their way soon out of school with their behaviour and the way that they run their fraternity. A very interesting cast of characters. This is the first in a long running series if films that have really nothing to do with each other.
December 26, 2015
An absolute classic!
December 13, 2015
National Lampoon's Animal House is as rowdy and outrageous as you would expect and there are some very funny moments even if I didn't understand some of the humor in the movie.
December 6, 2015
Hit and miss moments. Sometimes funny. Typical National Lampoon screwball comedy, though the better of them. Typical college comedy too. Maybe I was born too late to appreciate it. Belushi was funny of course. Crude stupid comedy full of unrelated gags and scenes, but at least it had an underlying plot, simple as it was.
October 26, 2015
College toilet humor by the late, great unstoppable John Belushi.
½ September 20, 2015
Funny, but for some reason it just doesn't seem to strike me the same way it does so many people.
September 15, 2015
One of my all-time favorite comedies. I love movies that can be both intelligent and juvenile at the same time. Everything about this comedy works, and RT is right in saying that it continues to resonate to this day.
½ August 27, 2015
One of the funniest movies of all time. No matter how many times I see it, I still laugh.
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