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October 13, 2017
I used to love this movie as a kid, but watching it as an adult made me realize exactly how terrible it is. I think that I mainly liked it when I was younger because I had a major crush on Edward Furlong honestly...
½ September 21, 2017
Overall it's garbage, but Clancy Brown hands in one of the best horror performances of all time as Gus
July 7, 2017
Dissapointingly flat, bizarre mess of a sequel to Stephen King's classic original directed again by Mary Lambert and starring Edward Furlong isn't scary or funny just boring and weirdly stupid although Clancy Brown does have some wickedly campy fun as grotesque zombie stepfather Gus. In fact if the entire production had followed the tone of his character the whole way through it might've worked as a decent blend of a sort of macabre horror comedy, like Shaun Of The Dead, Zombieland or Fido. As it is, it's just an unnecessary, overlong, overwrought, convoluted and bland rehash of death, and the mysterious consequences of how far so much guilt can take a person..including the occasional nightmare of sex with your dead wife, that has a dead dog's head on her (?) for some reason (don't ask) or mutilation/cooking of rabbits, because "fuck em, that's why" or your buddy's very, VERY sick dog eating a box of kittens which is always nice.

A wise old neighbor once said "sometimes DEATH is better" or in this case, ONE Pet Semetary. 2 stars
½ September 2, 2016
Poorly paced, acted, and bereft of legitimate scares, Pet Sematary Two is even more boring than its predecessor, and at times, laughably worse.
July 30, 2016
Though probably as flawed as the original, the sequel trades in genuine horror for gleeful, gory camp and if that's your cup of tea, it works just as well.
½ July 22, 2016
This is completely not in the spirit of the original Pet Sematary, but is a fun romp nonetheless.
July 18, 2016
It's a bad unnecessary sequel but Furlong is an enjoyable watch.
½ February 18, 2016
A very typical Stephen King sequel. The acting is quite bad, the story is very similar to the first film, and it's just about bearable.
Super Reviewer
January 26, 2016
Having none of the creepiness and terror of the original, Pet Sematary II is an abysmal sequel. After the death of his mother Jeff Matthews moves to the rural town of Ludlow, Maine, with his father; where he soon learns of an ancient Indian burial ground that has the power to resurrect the dead. Edward Furlong leads the cast and gives a terrible performance. But he doesn't really have much to work with, as the writing is awful. Additionally, the costumes and sets all look incredibly cheap, giving the film a low-rent feel. While it tries to hit the same beats as the first film, Pet Sematary II is just a pathetic imitation.
October 20, 2015
I watched this thinking it was the first movie. haha! It's fun doh. Cool performance Clancy Brown.
½ August 27, 2015
I've always founds this movie more funny than scary. Can't beat the dirt bike scene.
½ July 9, 2015
I'm still trying to understand what the point of making "Pet Sematary Two" was. Yes, it has perfectly capable actors and Mary Lambert is back to direct. But this sequel, overall, is just about as unnecessary as it is mean-spirited, gory and un-scary. I don't have a problem with gore, but at least balance out the tragedy of the story with it. And unfortunately, there's no real story to "Pet Sematary Two" that hasn't been touched upon in better horror movies, or even the original film (which is still one of my favorite Stephen King adaptations). If you're looking for plentiful on-screen violence, you'll be satisfied. But those looking for an actually decent sequel to a horror classic are better off sticking with the first film, which manages to dole out equal terror and tragedy with its violence.
April 7, 2015
This bastardizes the first.....very few if any horror movie need to be franchises.This is a prime example.
February 11, 2015
Dead is better!

Jeff Matthews is still struggling with his parents being separated when his mother unfortunately dies while working on a movie set. He moves in with his father in a heavily wooded area in Maine. His friend, who is struggling with family issues, has his step father kill his dog and he barriers the dog in the pet cemetery....when the step father dies, they make the same mistake. How will Jeff and his friend deal with the dog and step dad that return from the dead.

"Next time it might be a good idea to give me a blood sample when the animal is still alive."

Mary Lambert, director of Pet Semetary, The In Crowd, Clubland, Halloweentown II, Urban Legends: Bloody Mary, The Attic, Mega Python vs. Gatoroid, and the upcoming The Executioner, delivers Pet Semetary 2. The storyline for this picture is very mediocre, seemed forced, and was poor quality. The acting was also disappointing compared to the first film and the cast includes Edward Furlong, Anthony Edwards, Clancy Brown, Sarah Trigger, and Darlanne Fluegel.

"I swear that dog is dumber than lobster bait."

I have always thought this was terrible but decided to give this a viewing for the first time in a long time off HBOGO. I can say I still found this entertaining in an 80s bad horror picture kind of way (even though it came out in 1992, it felt 80s horror bad). Overall, this is a must see for those that enjoyed the first one...but not really at the same time. I'd probably skip this one unless you're a horror movie junkie.

"You heard about the place where the dead rise?"

Grade: C-
½ December 3, 2014
Not a bad sequel, nor a bad movie, but if I were to buy it on DVD, it'd have to come really cheap.
½ October 16, 2014
The original film didn't leave a lot of new stories to tell, so the fact that we're now stuck with a "Pet Sematary 2" obviously had more to do with the desire for potential revenue than any kind of artistic reasons. This is a dismal sequel to a film that wasn't really all that great to begin with, filled with perfunctory performances and lazy directing.

Mary Lambert apparently overestimated the demand for this picture, feeling she could put out anything with this name on it and it would be accepted by the masses. The main problem with the film is the overwhelming sense of redundancy as this may be one of the most unnecessary follow-ups in film history.

In fact, this is more of a remake because there really is no new story to tell. The studio's desire for yet another commercially viable franchise apparently overshadowed that basic fact. They've upped the body count here, but that doesn't make it better. Screenwriter Richard Ouetten throws in a couple of truly disgusting scenes of dogs being operated on, rabbits being skinned and the aftermath of a kitten slaughtered for unknown reasons for no logical reason I could discern. It's a mess.

The Stephen King source material was dark, scary and completely unnerving, and Lambert could not convey any of those emotions in the first film. This is weaker still, and even farther removed from King's original vision. Even he had the good sense to distance himself from this debacle.

"Pet Sematary 2" serves no purpose other than for monetary gains for the studio. Maybe the makers should bury the horse they beat when they came up with this mess in the pet cemetery and revive that.
½ July 23, 2014

"No brain, no pain."-Officer Gus Gilbert (Clancy Brown)

Lost the punch of the original. Death by potatoes.

"You bury your own."-Gus Gilbert
May 23, 2014
As sequels go, this is not that bad, watching the original then this straight after seemed like a good follow up, unlike many sequels, this actually stays on track with the established rules set before, everything seems very familiar.

Sure, the plot is more shallow, but overall I enjoyed it, the character of Gus is a real winner, going from harsh step father, to resurrected humorous anti hero like, unstable and creepy with his demented laugh, almost like a Kruger type, he protects our protagonist from the bully, then playfully kills him before going on a rampage to kill his stepson and spouse, before delivering the protagonist his mothers corpse.

Like the original, it's major creep lies in the moral of playing with the dead, you bring them back but, although not totally evil, they are tainted, soulless and highly volatile, but still the emotional attachment is too great that you don't care, i like the message in both films and the atmosphere, though thinner is still viable, i'm glad a third was never made.
April 13, 2014
a bit more gorier than the first but still a great film.
December 5, 2013
A great Stephen King movie!
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