Porky's II: The Next Day

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The real world once more takes a back seat to a caricature of itself as the same Florida high-school teens who grossed profits in Porky's by grossing out, have to band together to stop their Shakespeare festival (!!) from being cancelled, due to a crusading, right-wing reverend's attack on the bard's "lewd" content. The reverend is joined by Miss Balbricker(Nancy Parsons) the girls' gym teacher and also the Ku Klux Klan who object to Romeo being played by an Indian. These unlikely allies come up against the libido-laden teens who strip the Ku Klux Klanners and send them running through town naked. Similar styles of revenge are taken to handle Miss Balbrick and the right-wing reverend -- apparently all's well that ends well at the box office.

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Dan Monahan
as Pee Wee
Nancy Parsons
as Balbricker
Bill Wiley
as Rev. Bubba Flavel
Edward Winter
as Gebhardt
Cissie Cameron
as Sandy Le Toi
Cisse Cameron
as Sandy Le Toi
Ilse Earl
as Mrs. Morris
Rod Ball
as Steve
Chuck Wahl
as Stemrick
Peter Conrad
as Sandy's MC
Tom Tully
as Waiter
Will Knickerbocker
as Klan Member #1
Mal Jones
as Mayor Abernathy
Ted Richert
as Maitre D'
Richard Liberty
as Commissioner Couch
Fred Buch
as Commissioner Hurley
Melanie Grefe
as Big Edna
William Hindman
as Coach Goodenough
Bill Wohrman
as Ted's Partner
Joe Friedman
as Workman
Blaine Grose
as Little Girl
Baby Jane Holzer
as Woman at Rally
Robin Paradise
as Maitre d' #2
Howard Neu
as Biology Teacher
Dan Fitzgerald
as Redneck #1
Francine Joyce
as Screaming Girl
Wendy Becker
as Screaming Girl
Madeline Kern
as Secretary
Betty Mae Jumper
as John Henry's Mother
Vernon "Tiger" White
as Vernon Jumper
Mark Madrid
as Mark Jumper
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Critic Reviews for Porky's II: The Next Day

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Audience Reviews for Porky's II: The Next Day

  • Mar 22, 2017
    The sequel to the teen sex comedy that is probably worse than the original kitsch.
    Sylvester K Super Reviewer
  • Mar 20, 2013
    Sequel to the underrated Porky's is just as much fun as the first one, and continues where the first one left off. The film has goods moments of good comedy, and I really don't understand why these films were so vilified upon release. With so many more vulgar Teen comedy films that have been released since Porky's and its sequels. As far as sequels are concerned, this is a good enough sequel to appeal to fans of the original, and it has enough effective comedic bits to make for a fun film to watch. Although there is room for improvement, Porky's II is a must see for viewers who enjoyed the first film. The sequel builds up on where the original left off, and the jokes are pretty good for what they are. The plot is quite simple and it is entertaining for what it is, and in my opinion it is among the better teen comedies that are quite memorable. If you've seen the original, you may like this one just as well. Although the original is the better film, I have to9 say that this sequel is on par due to a fun story, decent performances, memorable comedy that manages to stand out, and effective directing from Bob Clark. This is a worthwhile comedy to watch and it is entertaining from start to finish. Those who enjoyed these types of films will surely enjoy this film, and it is a worthy sequel; that is just as good as the original, however, the original Porky's is for me, the better one, but it still is pretty close in terms of effective comedy and plot. Porky's II is the rare sequel that can be just as good as the original.
    Alex r Super Reviewer
  • Jun 30, 2010
    Wendy: Do you know how I got my reputation? Pee Wee: How? Wendy: In the 8th grade, I didn't know anything. A bunch of guys wanted to get me to go skinny dipping, I didn't want to but I didn't care if they did so I just watched. I thought it was funny, flopping around...the next day I was a slut, the original mattress-back. This film may not be as funny as the first, but it is still good. Yes, the first is way funnier, esspecialy for one scene(Noted on my Porky's review) Reverend Flavel: [after the Klan has crashed Rev. Flavel's revival, bald, naked and circumcised] Behold the Spawn of Satan! The Bowels of Perdition. Hear what I say! I speak Salvation! I speak Redemption! Mickey: [instructing Tommy Turner to turn on the tape recorder] Now. Reverend Flavel: CLEARLY I say this to thee... Commissioner Hurley: Holy Shit! Look at the dick on that son of a bitch! Commissioner Couch: Hey, Mayor! That guy's dork's even bigger that yours! Commissioner Hurley: If you had a dick like that, you could give your secretary a flying@#$%. Mayor Abernathy: Look at that snatch! Woman at Rally: Oh My God! [faints] Little Girl: Oh, Mother. Commissioner Couch: Hey, Mayor. Does Reverend Flavel approve of THIS? Reverend Flavel: [to Mayor] You Scum! Mayor Abernathy: Approve? Are you kidding? Reverend Flavel GAVE me this one! [audience starts booing loudly]
    Joseph E Super Reviewer
  • Apr 27, 2008
    Classic sequel, love these films.
    Brian D Super Reviewer

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