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½ October 18, 2016
I just watched this (while multitasking) with my wife. It's a decent movie but I really did not like the parents, especially the Mom. Where I believe that an important job of a parent is to encourage their child to follow their dreams, and to want them to have a better future then "they" did. Not this Mom. All she did was tear Ana down, belittle her, and insult her. She tried to force a conservative life on her. And in the end, she couldn't even support her going to college. I found that jacked up. But I did like how Ana had the confidence, and will to see herself as more than the sum of her physique, or as want a "man" (or anyone) may want from her. I admired her strength of self, despite her Mom's negativity.
½ May 30, 2014
It was kind of a snooze fest and kinda racist
And the acting was bad it was just another go women movie
½ April 19, 2014
El personaje de la madre está brutal. Muy buena película.
February 18, 2014
This film was not my favorite but it is a different take on the coming of age story so that makes it passable.
½ September 25, 2013
An intimate portrait of mother daughter struggles where the daughter has overcome stigmas of the mother generation.
February 6, 2013
An unknown movie that might gain a new audience thanks to America Ferrera's new role in Ugly Betty. This is a gem of a film. A superb cast; Fererra is amazing here. A story all young girls should see; a positive message filled film with real heart and guts.
½ January 31, 2013
yep... and i have the curves
July 23, 2012
A great film. America Ferrera is a wonderful actress. & yes real Women have curves!
July 12, 2012
A winning coming-of-ager.
½ July 7, 2012
A very enjoyable movie that combines the "immigrant experience", family drama, and coming of age genres with a lovely dose of positive body image. The protagonist both defies the pressures and expectations of her family and comes to understand and respect them.
½ June 16, 2012
The movie is Ok , it leaves you wanting more though like is she going to make it in new York? Will Estella have her own line of dresses ? Will she get married? I thought it was a nice but incomplete story we never even got to see the beautiful red dress on ferrera!!
June 7, 2012
A charming little film starring TV's Ugly Betty about a young woman dealing with her own ambitions and an overbearing mother and family who intend on keeping her at home
May 30, 2012
most retarded movie ever...
May 30, 2012
I enjoyed this movie, I don't think many other people would though.
May 28, 2012
i liked this movie because i could identify with it. i had the same problem didnt know if i should go to college or help my family pay the bills.
½ April 3, 2012
An inspirational tale and touching story is what makes this film great. America Ferrera is at her best here with a serious, yet spunky role. A great ensemble supports Ferrera and George Lopez gets to play the helpful teacher, a wide step from his usual comedy roles.
½ March 21, 2012
Finally had a chance to check this out. America Ferrera plays a brilliant role in this coming-of age-film. The social dynamics between Ferrera and mother Carmen (Lupe Ontiveros), are well apparent, and the plot-line is very understandable. The dilemmas that go along with being immersed within the working class experience , coupled with the constant mother/daughter generational rift, makes for a great film. The only thing that keeps this movie from gaining supreme praise, is the lack of character development on the part of the father. Personally, I understand the dynamics within the family, but this probably made critics cringe. Overall, the pursuit of happiness while maintaining cultural roots and confidence in ones self, is on full display. Great job!
February 20, 2012
america ferrera shines in this movie
December 30, 2011
An underwhelming coming of age story. America Ferrera plays a promising young woman from a poor Latino family, and conflicts concerning ethnic identity unsurprisingly ensue. Though the acting is very good, there is very little central story. There is a lack of change in the characters and important plot comes and goes as it pleases.
November 15, 2011
Great movie! A real self confidence booster for all young teens. :)
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