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Like its title, Rock Star is rather generic, being not so much about the heavy metal scene than about rock cliches and formula.



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Loosely inspired by the true story of the heavy metal band Judas Priest, this music industry fable from director Stephen Herek is based on a script by actor-turned-writer/director John Stockwell. Mark Wahlberg stars as Chris Cole, a wannabe rock star who works by day as a copy machine repairman and by night as the lead singer of Blood Pollution, a Pennsylvania tribute band that imitates the best-selling heavy metal rockers of Steel Dragon. Although he's supported by his girlfriend Emily (Jennifer Aniston), Chris is devastated when his friends kick him out of the band he founded. His humiliation doesn't last long, however, as Chris soon learns that he's been tapped to replace the lead singer of Steel Dragon, literally becoming a rock star overnight. Chris soon has everything he's ever wanted but is disappointed to discover that being a superstar isn't everything it's cracked up to be. Rock Star was produced under two other titles, "Metal God" and "So You Want to Be a Rock Star." ~ Karl Williams, Rovi


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  • Jan 04, 2018
    This is a film geared towards those who sing their fav rock songs at full volume in their shower or car, half dreaming about the adulation and power of becoming a rock god. And not one of those phony ones, but the real deal, the ones that believe in the dream. It pretends (like Cecil B. DeMille used to do) to look down on the extravagant lifestyle, the posing, the groupies, "but first let's just get a little taste of all that to begin with". The actors do well conveying the belief in the dream of rock n' roll, and look properly surprised to discover the seedy underbelly of the game. All in all not a clumsy effort as most rock n' roll fantasies tend to be.
    Kevin M. W Super Reviewer
  • Sep 06, 2011
    A bad example of the "average person's dream come true" plot.
    Nay Nay B Super Reviewer
  • Dec 23, 2010
    Very entertaining, though predictable. Rock Star follows that set pattern that movies of this type often do, involving a small town guy who follows his dreams and makes it big, then alienates everyone he loves by adapting to the new lifestyle; then, realizing that he has messed up, the protagonist leaves the high life behind and returns to his roots a wiser individual at the film's end. I just summed up the entire storyline for Rock Star, but you should still see it...just don't expect much more than the standard rags-to-riches story. The only problem with this film is that it doesn't know what it wants to be: it's incredibly crude at comedic points (it makes Knocked Up look like a family film). These moments are hit-or-miss--some are really funny, some fail badly. So, it tries to be a mock documentary and a comedy at times, but there are also times when it tries to be almost an oscar-caliber drama. Some moments are downright poignant (like the scene in the Seattle hotel, and when Chris and Emily are talking during the rainstorm in their car), where you can really feel the genuine emotions of the characters, and even the actors themselves, which is truly a rare experience. It's just that I don't know what this movie wants to be, so it consequently feels like it's all over the place at times, which is why it gets 4 stars from me, which is highly respectable; however, this film could've been a definite 5 star film if it had focused more on the drama side...something that Rock Star was surprisingly great at.
    Stephen S Super Reviewer
  • Nov 26, 2010
    As a diehard fan of heavy metal music, I for one saw this film, and definitely loved it. loosely based on Rob Halford leaving Judas Priest and being replaced by Tim"ripper" Owens, a fan of the band and singer for a Priest tribute band. Rockstar should appeal to metalheads everywhere because this film simply rocks. The film has it's downs of course, it's not perfect, but it manages to entertain you with blazing metal music, and other metal hellraising shenanigans of the band in the film. The cast do a good enough job, and Mark Wahlberg is quite good as Chris Cole the lead singer of Blood Pollution a Steel Dragon Tribute band. One Day after a fight, Chris gets kicked out of the band, and receives a call from Kik Cuddy, guitar player for Steel Dragon. Steel Dragon want Chris to come to an audition because their lead singer has just been fired. Chris Cole goes to the audition and gets asked to join the band , which he accepts Neither he nor his girlfriend no what awaits them in the crazy world of heavy metal. Chris Cole rapidly becomes one of metals premier singers, and he discovers the debauchery of the life of a rockstar. Many real life musicians of the genre plays roles in this film , most notably Zakk Wylde of Black Label Society, Jeff Pilson Of Dokken and Ratt and Jason Bonham the son of the late John Bonham, phenomenal drummer of Led Zeppelin. I thought it was very cool that they had actual musicians in the film, and it added a touch of authenticity to the metal band in the film. This film may not appeal to a mainstream audience, but it will definitely appeal to musicians and metalheads. The performances are good enough, the soundtrack rocks and the film is a chaotic descent into the metalhead world. A very underrated drama. As a fan of the genre, and as a guitar player, I really do appreciate this film for what is is. Not flawless, but very good nonetheless.
    Alex r Super Reviewer

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