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During NASA training, a member of the first manned mission to Mars is injured, so NASA chooses a replacement, computer geek Fred Randall. En route to Mars, Fred clashes with cocky crew captain William Overbeck, falls in love with beautiful officer Julie Ford, and cavorts with trained chimp Ulysses.


Harland Williams
as Fred Z. Randall
Jessica Lundy
as Julie Ford
Beau Bridges
as Nesbitt
Shelley Duvall
as Mrs. Randall
Don Lake
as Flight Surgeon
William Arthur Jenkins
as Mission Controller
Ken Farmer
as Mission Controller
Blake Boyd
as Gordon A. Peacock
Brandon Kaplan
as Young Fred
Paxton Whitehead
as British Reporter
Don Armstrong
as Anchorman
Claire Birnbaum
as School Kid No. 1
Sean Tweedley
as NASA Lab Tech
Cindy Hogan
as Reporter
Lidia Porto
as Gary's Nurse
Richard Dillard
as The President
Gil Glasgow
as Bartender
as Ulysees the Chimp
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Audience Reviews for RocketMan

  • Apr 04, 2012
    Rocketman is a horrible comedy with a bad cast. I've never liked Harland Williams, I find him to be quite one dimensional. This an awful film that has nothing whatsoever going for it. The comedy falls flat, and in the end there's nothing good about this. The film fails to deliver memorable gags and good jokes. The performances are horrible, and the film is total crap. I hated this one, this is a bad film that is a comedy worth forgetting. Harland Williams is a one of the worst comedians, and his only good film was Halfed Baked. If you give him the lead role, well you get garbage like this. The comedy sucks, and the actors seem bored, I can't blame theme. The film should never have been made. This is a painful comedy that doesn't deliver on anything. The humour is juvenile, poorly written and just misses the mark. Maybe this film could have worked. Unfortunately it doesn't. Rocketman is a horrible film, and is one of the worst comedies that I have seen. Rocketman is a film that is poorly conceived, poorly written and plainly boring from start to finish. This film proves that Harland Williams isn't a good comedic actor, and this is a bland film that is too silly too really get into and enjoy. Avoid this film and watch something else, you'll be better off. This film just sucks.
    Alex r Super Reviewer
  • Oct 23, 2009
    The main actor annoys me here. He plays the childish buffoon without any likability. Instead he just angers with his constant twattishness. At some point this irritating behaviour was adopted for protagonists of family films. It makes slapstick easy, but enjoyment difficult. It was bearable as some moments were genuinely funny. Even if Williams' delivery was off, he was supported by enough real actors to add some substance around him.
    Luke B Super Reviewer
  • Jul 07, 2008
    <i>Warning: Do not take this movie seriously. If you keep this in mind, this will be one of the greatest comedies to come out of Disney's hands. </i> LOL I very much enjoyed this Movie. It is over and over funny and silly. I dont remember I have laughed somuch in my life before watching this Movie. It is sometimes just nice to watch a silly Movie like this and it even warms up your heart.
    NaWie M Super Reviewer
  • Feb 27, 2008
    The scene wear he screams when they pick him, LOL.
    Thom M Super Reviewer

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