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      The 7th Voyage of Sinbad Reviews

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      Aug 7, 2023

      One of my all time favourite classic fantasy adventure movies and trust me when I say I've seen them all. A great cast who all deliver memorable performances. Ray Harryhausens wonderful, timeless special effects are in full pomp. Great direction, editing, musical score and script. There's nothing that I don't love about this classic. This and its two true (Golden and Eye) sequels remain three of the films that I can endlessly re-watch and walk away with a huge smile on my face and happiness in my heart. I simply love the bones of it (them).

      Jul 7, 2023

      Overall, those seeking a classic adventure involving monsters, magic, and a mysterious island will undoubtedly enjoy this movie.  It is a classic film which I found extremely enjoyable, mainly when it came to the use of practical effects, for which full credit goes to the legendary Ray Harryhausen.

      Jun 24, 2023

      Way advanced film for it's time. Perfect acting and special effects. Way different than how they make movies now-days. Very interesting movie to watch to see how things were done in early films. The movie has a great story as well.

      Nov 25, 2022

      Delightful sci-fi fantasy yarn about Arabia's fabled sailor proves that Ray HarryHousen was the king of action-adventure before Spielberg came to town. This is a delightful movie; tightly scripted; exciting with great set pieces and charming Gumby and Pokey claymation special effects; and a great story. This absolutely set the stage for Raiders of of the Lost Ark 23 years later. HarryHousen begat Spielberg, who begat Michael Bay and now the Marvel movies; and so on. A must-see for movie nerds into action adventure.

      Jun 26, 2022

      Young blobbos and blobbettes will enjoy.

      Apr 27, 2022

      "The crew is restless." "Relax, all the weapons are safely locked away." *Crew proceeds to beat the crap out of Sinbad with their bare fists* I don't have any fond childhood memories of this particular film or style, with decades of improvements in terms of effects, writing, and virtually every other aspect of film design. With its horrifically wooden acting, The 7th Voyage of Sinbad has many protracted stretches that are not only remnants of an action film production standard that is brutally simplistic and long, long out of date, but a sorry and near farcical interpretation of the classic source material (though it may be a rather unfair judgement to use standards that benefit from decades of later movies). The only saving grace for the film is its extravagant set design, and Harryhausen's revolutionary practical effects, which introduced a population of wide-eyed '50s suburban kids and later generations of hipsters to mythical, supernatural worlds in live action. The film mercifully shows a constantly improving standards, going from drawn-out conversation to an increasingly exotic locales and creatures, culminating in quite a visually impressive finale. It's a substantial landmark in the visual design of adventure films, but the performances (outside of Thatcher as Sokurah and English character actor Danny Green) are so laughably bad that it becomes a really difficult watch at times. Can always count on Harryhausen to use skeletons with angry expressions molded directly into their skulls. (2/5)

      Apr 10, 2022

      All ages admitted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Funny and romantic, LOL.

      Jan 30, 2022

      There are obvious merits to this movie (and Harryhausen's filmography as a whole) and it was a really excellent viewing experience. I went into this expecting a merely-good Aladdin spinoff, but it was actually great. I didn't care much for the plot, though it served its purpose of stringing stop-motion scenes together. The animated figures directly interacting with the live-action guys was the most intriguing part for me; I suppose I hadn't seen any of Ray's other work before this. There was an unintentionally funny bit where I noticed the shrunken girl changed clothes while already minuscule. I wish I'd paid more attention to the score in hindsight!

      Sep 7, 2021

      Sinbad is the captain of a ship sailing to the city of Bagdad to marry his princess as part of a political treaty between that city and Chandra...but they run out of food and water and make an emergency stop for supplies at an island where they end up fighting off a cyclops and rescuing a magician who has a magic lamp complete with genie. The magician is saved, but his lamp is lost on the island...and the magician is determined more than anything to get the lamp back, even if it means shrinking the princess to doll-size and forcing Sinbad to sail back to the island to retrieve it. But the hazards there include more monsters than just the cyclops. Average B-movie adventure, not well-written or well-performed, with the stop-motion monsters being the film's real attraction. Okay to entertain the kids, but not really worth viewing otherwise.

      Jan 1, 2021

      This is right up there with Jason and the Argonauts. Iconic Bernard Herrmann score as well.

      Dec 6, 2020

      Overall, those seeking a classic adventure involving monsters, magic, and a mysterious island will undoubtedly enjoy this movie. It is a classic film which I found it extremely enjoyable, mainly when it came to the use of practical effects, for which full credit goes to the legendary Ray Harryhausen. - Walkden Entertainment

      Jun 30, 2020

      Great movie One of my favorites

      Jun 30, 2020

      I loved this movie. A lot of people who have their opinion on here haven't rated it and known the history of how amazing it was for being one of the first technicolor AND special effects films and are more treating it as if it were made in 2020 so for a movie made in 1958 it's great and I loved watching it on TCM

      Apr 26, 2020

      A Fantastic Movie for all ages…A true movie spectacle... adventure, great special effects that still hold up to time, thanks to the genius of Ray Harryhausen! Spectacular sets, locations, costumes, and a great story line. Untainted and Unjaded by the yet decaying Hollywood of the 60's and beyond. A true film classic! This ranks near the top of my list of favorite movies.

      Sep 15, 2019

      A great cheesy, corny film, that doesn't take its self too serious, junk food for the brain and great escapism. Yes there are plot holes, but it doesn't matter this is pure adventure, from the moment you are chased across a beach by a cyclops to a sword fight with a re-animated skeleton, which is still one of the greatest sword fights of the movies of all time. Its ironically iconic! The late great Ray Harry hausen still revered, as a genius of his trade, over 60 years on. Kerwin Matthews performance is sterling, even if he doesn't appear or sound East Asian, he does however convince you that giant monsters are truly there, even if other cast members don't, this is only equalled by Torin Thatcher as the evil sorcerer sokurah (the magician) who could better with his mere eyes than most actors can do with all there body parts, a great chemistry these two had on set. This is a blast from the past that will allow to escape, as long as you don't take it too serious

      Jul 13, 2019

      What a lovely and good-natured fantasy, based on ancient tales. This film is yet one more reminder of how awesome pre-cgi effects were in old movies, much more heart were put into their creation.

      Apr 6, 2019

      In terms of fantasy movies, this one should be considered a classic. While the acting is dreadfully over-the-top, which gives the film a pretty ridiculous tone, it's also got some strong aspects. The technicolor is well shot, but the best part of it all are the stop-motion effects by Ray Harryhausen, they are just magnificent for the time. The film really is a special effects buffet, and I think this is some of Harryhausen's best work, that cyclop is just unforgettable. Overall, this is a good flick, and if you liked the later Jason and the Argonauts (1963), which is a bit of the same style, this film is recommended!!

      Jan 26, 2019

      The best thrilling fantasy movie ever made! With the best movie character ever portrayed: Kerwin Mathews as Sinbad!

      Nov 7, 2018

      Always has been and always will be my favourite movie.

      Aug 27, 2018

      cool movie. i was cheering for the monsters mostly though. They almost win.

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