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½ July 28, 2017
Sara Paxton still manages to give a surprisingly competent performance in this somewhat enjoyable, deeply deeply stupid, PG-13 exploitation movie.
½ April 15, 2017
Shark Night is not good or terrible, but falls in the "So bad it's good vibe" making it acceptable.
½ February 11, 2017
Sad Jaws ripoff. With serial killers controlling the sharks. Really bad.
February 3, 2017
once i saw the trailer in 3D i became interested. i think its gonna be hilarious seeing ppl getting all ate up in there!
½ October 10, 2016
The movie as a whole is "ok", the animatronic sharks look great but it's a shame they had to put in some crappy cgi ones as well.
October 4, 2016
I work at a library (yes, it's awesome), and am in the cataloging department. This little gem may have slipped by getting added to our library's DVD section if I hadn't pulled it off the donation cart. How someone could give up this gem, I'm not sure, but I'm glad they did because I, and numerous library patrons, will now be able to enjoy it.

Nerds, Jocks and Hot Girls all get along together, which is nice to see. Then you have the typical redneck, which of course you will find on the way to your giant lake house that has no neighbors close by. Once we get to the house, that's when the mangling and dismembering begins. What they think of as a freak thing, (the shark must have came through the levy after hurricane season), quickly turns into sharks everywhere.

The sheriff (who plays Harvey on Gotham... love that crazy show), adds some comic relief as the bumbling country bumpkin. Very little nudity, and no sex, just lots and lots of blood. The final reason as to why this is happening makes sense in a twisted way. And honestly I'm surprised something like this hasn't happened in real life... or maybe it has. So next time you're near a saltwater lake, you might want to let your friends go for a swim while you stay on the beach.
½ August 23, 2016
Sorry. When that came out, I told myself that I'd try to enjoy it, keeping on telling myself that this was not a serious movie, but in the end, I couldn't do better than that. This is a total failure. Far from all those grindhouse tributes out there, this just profounfly bad.
½ August 5, 2016
Wow that was terrible. Terrible acting, stupid story and not barely watchable. I also love how they throw out shark facts that we have all known for years. Best part was the sharks. Don't waste your time.
July 23, 2016
Obviously it is shit but it's so fun.
You know this. You wouldn't even consider watching a movie called "Shark Night 3D" if you weren't a part of the shameful shark horror circle. Just embrace it - there are many species of sharks to be seen here.
June 25, 2016
Not much to this film. College kids near a lake unsuspectedly become terrorized by sharks. The "twist" that turns up halfway through is ridiculous and lame. The 3D isn't very good, and most of the time the practical-created sharks look worse than the CGI ones in other films. The most bizarre distraction is the shark-like teeth one of the actors wear.
May 15, 2016
The premise offers B movie thrills, But Shark night is painfully neutered by it's unnecessary PG-13 rating, which means no gratuitous gore or nudity, but that's what makes a B movie. It's why we watch those goofy Syfy original movies! In short, this is no spiritual successor to Jaws not is it a good rip off.
½ January 23, 2016
A woeful script with null gore, sex or excitement. What was the point?
December 20, 2015
I couldn't stop laughing, it's almost as atrocious as Jaws the Revenge
October 1, 2015
This isn't one of those guilty pleasures bad or a so bad it's good in a corny way. This is just plain bad which slapped 3D on to try to sell it to the public. Anybody who paid money to see this in the theatre is just plain retarded. But being a fan of underwater monster/shark movies I watched it. I have to admit I was intrigued with the fact that they used a whole bunch of different breeds of sharks. For these movies to work I think they need to have some humor thrown in to the mix, films such as the new Piranha know what they are and play with it but Shark Night just takes itself far too seriously and in the end it's just bad bad bad. Nobody on the acting end could save this. I usually enjoy Donal Logue too. This time he just bothered the shit out of me. The sharks look horrible. The sharks in Deep Blue Sea looked better and that was 12 years ago. And I'll go as far to say Jaws looked better and that was made back in the fucking 70's. Fuck this movie for existing and fuck this movie for robbing everybody who paid money to see it.
September 21, 2015
It was better than Zombeavers, so that earns it a 1/5.
September 21, 2015
A watered down (pun intended) new-age shark movie that aims to capitalize on the recent success of, Piranha 3D and yet drops the ball in pretty much every way; most notably with a wimpy, PG-13 rating. The story is basic enough with a sort-of, pseudo mash-up of Deep Blue Sea and Friday The 13th mainly with the comparisons that it's teens heading to a cabin and most of the shark special effects are frickin terrible. The cast is all young, beautiful people with Sara Paxton and Joel Moore being the highlights and there's a brief, but welcome supporting role from Donal Logue. The big problem here is the toned-down violence and after wading through stock characters and so-so dialogue, there is no rewarding gore or T&A, and believe me, it gets old seeing people pulled underwater by "something", QUICK. I also take issue with the title, since most of the movie takes place during the day, but whatever. All in all a watchable, shark movie that could've been a lot worse, and manages to surpass the age-old phrase, "jumping the shark", by jumping a freaking jet-ski!
July 27, 2015
I'm sorry, I thought I was watching Shark Night 3-D. I Am? Then please tell me why that the only thing true about the title, is the Night, because there is almost no 3-D and this is not about Sharks. It's about people who like Sharks. It's rated PG-13 so there is almost no blood, no sex, no language and pretty much no point to watch this other than to see a Shark. SKIP
May 24, 2015
Shark Night is hated by many because of how poorly structured the plot is and the movie pretty much all over the place, half of the movie not even focused on sharks. That is true, which is why I love it. The flick pushed the limits way too far with the PG-13 rating, if you ask me. The violence is over the top, and is pretty disturbing too. I though, loved this movie and thought it was highly entertaining.
Super Reviewer
April 7, 2015
An immensely boring vichyssoise of Lake Placid and Cabin Fever, Shark Night is an exploitation film to an extent as it exploits its audience and buys into the 3D gimmick that seemed so popular around the 2010-2011 mark. The producers of Shark Night don't care about sharks, they don't care about horror and they don't care about films...they care about money. David R. Ellis also directed Snakes on a Plane which was better as it was more self-aware, acknowledging and directly referencing its own outlandishness, however Shark Night 3D believes its scary and that's disappointing.
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