Nov 15, 2017
The acclaim is justified.
Dec 30, 2006
Apr 21, 2003
Jun 14, 2002
Features explosive effects and flashy action best viewed on a large screen.
Mar 21, 2002
Compelling, kinetic, fast and furious.
Mar 14, 2002
It's a post-Cold War action yarn with a nose for Hong Kong-style melodrama, and a loopy cop drama with undeniable entertainment value.
Feb 16, 2002
Suffers from all the excesses of the genre.
Feb 16, 2002
There's a neat twist, subtly rendered, that could have wrapped things up at 80 minutes, but Kang tacks on three or four more endings.
Feb 8, 2002
A huge box-office hit in Korea, Shiri is a must for genre fans.
Feb 8, 2002
Sometimes makes less sense than the Bruckheimeresque American action flicks it emulates.
Feb 7, 2002
The film actually gets to tackle some larger questions than one normally finds in the average fireball drama.
Feb 7, 2002
There is a fine psychological thriller about divided loyalties and ambiguous identities buried with all the rubble and the maimed bodies, and Mr. Han and Ms. Kim play their slightly absurd roles with brisk sincerity
Feb 7, 2002
A beautifully tooled action thriller about love and terrorism in Korea.
Feb 7, 2002
A superior political thriller in which jolting action strikes a balance with serious reflection and genuine emotion.
Feb 6, 2002
Will certainly appeal to Asian cult cinema fans and Asiaphiles interested to see what all the fuss is about.
Feb 5, 2002
The script was reportedly rewritten a dozen times -- either 11 times too many or else too few.