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September 26, 2017
In an interesting dream scenario, rich, upper Eastside New Yorkers have their guilt about racial inequality expunged by a run-in with streetwise Will Smith (who incredibly learns to fake a Harvard-worthy education in 3, count'em, 3 weeks!). Sutherland and Channing do well for this off-to-see-the-wizard roadtrip, merely bouncing off one another as they relate to the wine and cheese set what it was like to bump against one of the (shiver!) great unwashed. You don't hear about this fantasy much because of the rarified clientele it kowtows to. Still, everyone does their job, even if the story never leaves the environs of 34 floors above Central Park. The dripping, well intentioned liberalism nearly drowns, however clever, however manipulative. Worth seeing though, if only for the brief treatise on Catcher In The Rye, engagingly delivered by Smith.
September 21, 2017
Interesting Story. Amazing performance by a young Will Smith. He probably should have been nominated for an Oscar. Stockard Channing was surprisingly nominated for her role. The story itself is okay, but still very interesting about a young man that just wants to be accepted and have a family.
½ July 2, 2017
Inspired by a 1983 newspaper account, John Guare's film adaptation of his own play is about a pampered socialite's gradual realization of her spiritual emptiness beneath her complacent sophistication when one night came a-knocking an African-American confidence man fuelled with an aching yearning to be part of her world.
½ May 13, 2017
Wonderful, thoughtful and hilarious.
November 4, 2016
Mind-bending,dramatic, and full of mystery, Six Degrees of Separation gives magnificent performances from Will Smith and Stockard Channing
½ August 18, 2016
Sort of fun, sort of funny, and sort of ridiculous with an impractical and mopey ending.
½ July 21, 2016
Will Smith has arguably had one of the most versatile, and long lasting in the entertainment business. A successful rapper, a tv star and at this time 1993 had begun his highly impressive career in cinema. Six degrees of separation is unlike any film he would go on to do later in his life. Will stars alongside an impressive cast that features 2 acting heavyweights. I must say I truly enjoyed watching will here and this film as a whole.
Donald Sutherland and Stockard Channing play a rich couple living in the upper east side of manhattan. one night a man named paul claiming to be mugged shows up at their door and begins to charm his way into spending a night in the house. what the two don't realize is he is a con man and he is really charming his way into their lives. This entire experience is mentioned at several lavish parties by the couple.
Such a smart script and plot. I liked how the story was set. it was told by the couple at different places as a past event. overall it's a movie where the character paul is a legend told all among the upper class. it was interesting seeing how paul ended up really effecting the lives of the main characters. He's dangerously good. Very sophisticated style and mood. the music is interesting its one of radiance and cantor. took a little bit of time but it got funny real quick
I must say it is hell of a 3 man lead to have will smith, ian mckellen and Donald Sutherland in the same film. I didn't even know will had collaborated with these individuals along with stockard channing. I'm actually surprised to see will smith play a carlton banks type guy who really is a con man. Very intelligent and charming young man and he seems to be a guy who obsessively researches which always makes for a cunning character. this role is truly unlike any he would later do in his career except that it has some I repeat SOME similarities to his character in Focus. he actually shows so much range that he could nail a serial killer role or any kind of thriller easy. channing's character is quite the chatterbox but was pretty funny. however I didn't see anything really noteworthy with this role. guess the Oscars needed an extra woman to fill in the slot. I mean it wasn't bad her performance but it didn't quite deserve the level of recognition it got. jj abrams cameo was pretty cool I didn't know he could act.
Six degrees of separation is a really well done picture and worth a view
May 9, 2016
awesome movie full of surprizing twist n turns
April 3, 2016
"chaos, control; chaos, control..."
½ February 11, 2016
Apparently everyone in NYC ties for the most gullible person on planet Earth. Will Smith easily manages elaborate cons on everyone... and makes out with a few hundred dollars and a couple meals for his efforts. I forgot just how much I hated this pretentious film.
November 10, 2015
Surprising and mostly for the better.
½ June 20, 2015
Boasting an Academy Award nominated performance from Stockard Channing and a critically acclaimed perfroamnce from a young Will Smith, Six Degrees of Separation sounded like a captivating drama film.

Six Degrees of Separation consistently makes itself obvious as being adapted from a stage play. Within the limited quantity of settings that the film occurs in, the focus is so heavily on characters and script that it does not hide itself beneath style. Yet it cleverly finds a way to capitalise on the text format by editing the narrative to be non-linear. Although it may take time to adjust to, after a while the structure of the story becomes intriguing. The characters piece together the story in their own accounts and we are provided an insight of how they are all linked, and this is captured by cutting between the contemporary narrative and flashback scenes from all kinds of different perspectives. There is little else to elevate the film beyond its theatrical style as a film adaptation, but all in all the structured editing of Six Degrees of Separation proves enough because it speeds up the pace of the film and ensures that it doesn't beat around the bush, This is surprising considering that the film is based on a play. But what is not surprising is that Fred Schepisi puts in such a fine dedication to detail and focus to the screenplay by John Guare, allowing it to profrewssively develop the drama and the characters naturally.
Despite the dramatic nature of the subject matter, Six Degrees of Separation is not a film which drones on. In actual fact, it maintains a very light mood about it thanks to a touch of comedic charm within the script. This, combined with the pace of the film ensures that the feature is interesting and appropriately captivating without hitting viewers over the head with its themes but rather letting them embrace it through a gentle realization of what the film is trying to say. The atmosphere is what draws the viewers in and the strong dialogue in the screenplay is what reall keeps things going because there are many brilliant topics of discussion within Six Degrees of Separation, and it works to keep viewers intriguied in a story which does not always keep moving. The characters draw viewers in and set up cast members wiht a lot of potential to work with, and as a result the performances are ultimately the most captivating points of Six Degrees of Separation.
Will Smith steals the screen. With Will Smith maintaining such a legacy for his ghetto character archetype originally created on the sitcom The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air where he is iconic for his banter with the contrasting character Alfonso Ribeiro's character Carlton Banks who is the iconic suit of the show, seeing him take on not just that exact kind of character but one who is very heavily dramatic is such a change of pace that it is unforgettable. But as well as that, Will Smith is no longer the hero of the story but the villain of it. Will Smith has never played a character as against type as Paul, and seeing him take on such a character-oriented cramatic role which demands heavy focus on character without visual effects and stunts to surround him is refreshing. But as well as that, the level of sophistication that Will Smith captures is just brilliant. Six Degrees of Separation features the first truly great dramatic performance from Will Smith, and he steals the screen the so consistently with his instinctive ability to conjur up a sophisticated charm and sense of wit. Will Smith's dramatic brilliance in Six Degrees of Separation is absolutely essential viewing, and considering how far he has come in the decades since it is brilliant to go back to his earliest cinematic skills.
Stockard Channing doesn't necessarily have sufficient screen time to create a performance worthy of an Academy Award nomination, nor does she have a character that really stands out all that much from the crowd for most of the film. Nevertheless, she delivers a powerful effort. Her most notable scenes come from towards the end of the film where she shares an intense chemistry with Will Smith and her character goes through a sense of development in understanding who Paul is as a person. Her development is impressive and the way that she grips the emotional state of her character is brilliant, particularly when she speaks of her experiences with Paul. Stockard Channing delivers what could be a career-best performance in Six Degrees of Separation due to the way that she puts such dedication into every detail of her character, from capturing the sophisticated nature of the woman to sense of passion she develops towards Paul as he touches her life. You can see her strip away the high class skin of her character from the start piece by piece as the story progresses, and as a result she delivers a powerful monologue when the film draws to a close which is the endeavour of her performance.
Donald Sutherland is a capable foil as usual. Making an effective on-screen pair with Stockard Channing. Donald Sutherland easily captures Flan Kittredge's sophisticated nature in both its high class value and inability to see beyond the surface of things. He delivers his lines as they come to him with natural instrinct, and as a result there is no feeling of artificiality in the role. It is almost routine for him, but not in any repetitive sense because it is yet another example of his natural charm being used in a film whcih demands he really build a character. He does it just fine,
Anthony Michael Hall's small supporting role is also powerful due to the intelligent articulation of words that he captures and his chemistry with Will Smith. Heather Graham also has some powerful moments.

So though Six Degrees of Separation has a stroy with limited progression, the intelligent nature of the dialogue and powerful performances from Stockard Channing and especially Will Smith make it an effective theatrical adaptation of its play.
April 12, 2015
It's a thinker. Conversations and clues along with pompous, conservative vibes are slow but at the same time intriguing. This makes the dialogue all the more interesting. The performances of Stockhard Channing and especially Will Smith, in his greatest role, are inspired.
½ April 8, 2015
On it's own a fine reshaping of the original play.....very well acted.
½ January 14, 2015
Very well acted, but unfortunately stagey production. It has a great script, and a marvelous soundtrack but it seems slightly dated. Overall it's fairly entertaining, and it's interesting to see Will Smith in such a different role.
½ December 6, 2014
Other than Will Smith getting caught having sex w/a man, this movie is rather boring. :-/
½ November 18, 2014
An elegant, biting social commentary on the lies we tell ourselves and others. It may be too smart of a film to appeal to the normal crowd.
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½ October 7, 2014
It was a clever piece and Will Smith did a pretty good job. However, I think it is better as a play than as a film.
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