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½ April 10, 2018
this is just a ridiculous story providing no motivation to care about it or suspend disbelief at all. it's built around 3rd grade style anything goes type concepts, such as the villain's car being apparently able to magically morph into any make or model or color without any motivation to put it into context as to why this makes sense in the story's universe. real rubbish. many unexplained loose ends. story is deeply flawed so movie is terrible.
½ February 6, 2018
This is desperately stupid and horribly written (Mr King, what the hell was going on with you here?) But at the same time its fun. Silly good fun.Alice Krige delivers an excellent performance and Madchen Amick makes a refreshing and exhuberant lead. Too bad the whole thing has these tonal shifts that really doesnt fit the material. And the central myth is convoluted yet inexistant through it's whole spotty narration, which is a very dumb mistake to make...
½ January 31, 2018
Wow just wow. This movie some people would consider it a so bad it's good but I personally don't. What can I say that most likely no one else has said about how terrible this film is? Well the only thing is that this movie makes Fant4stic look like The Shawshank Redemption. Honestly If I could I would give this movie a 0 if I could it's so bad. If you want to keep yourself somewhat normal don't even look at this movie just don't.
January 19, 2018
A really horrible film that is just laughable...incestuous were-cats with superpowers, really! absolutely stupid movie that you could probably laugh at more than enjoy. Pure trash.
June 2, 2017
If you like cats, you may like this movie. If you like movies, you'll hate it. It seems impossible to me that Stephen King wrote this. It seems even more impossible that someone filmed it. This disc should be shred, the pieces burned, the ashes buried at sea, and the sea set on fire.
½ November 1, 2016
Awful direction and acting, but at least watching the handsome leads and the presence of cats in abundance make it an enjoyable time waster. And of course Enya's soundtrack adds to the pleasure.
September 21, 2016
I'd call this the all-time worst adaptation of a Stephen King story, except unlike "Maximum Overdrive," King skipped publishing the story and committed it straight to film instead, with Mick Garris at the helm and a talented cast of actors to work with (including two exceptionally talented and gorgeous actresses, Alice Krige and Madchen Amick). But somehow the end product would make you believe that nobody involved in the film had a shred of talent, or that Stephen King was as bad an author as his detractors say he is.
The story is about a unique breed of vampire known as the Sleepwalker. Two of them, a Mother and son, move to a new town, like they often do, after they feed off the lifeforce of a virgin. They share a supremely creepy incestual relationship (the movie has been called "sexy," but the only sex stuff going on is between Mom and Junior. If that gets you off...please stay the hell away from me.) Anyway, son, resembling the all-American boy, sets his site on a girl at his high school, but this little kitten is harder to catch than the others. (Cats! The only weakness of the sleepwalker!)
Being a fan of King's work, I recognize his style underneath the surface: supernatural evils, innocence lost, something strange happening in suburbia, and the struggle of mankind to comprehend the inconceivable. The film tries to keep true to his spirit by adding humor to the horror, but it never works even once. The humor is so eye-rolling awful it kills what little tension there is. The film constantly wobbles back and forth between the two and succeeds less than 1/10th of the time. In the end, it's not so-bad-it's-good (like "Maximum Overdrive") it's so bad it's annoying. It turned a profit at the box office, but promptly, like a sleepwalker, vanished without a trace. It's better off staying lost.
July 29, 2016
The second half of the movie has some creepy and intriguing moments but the first half drags a lot so it doesn't really matter when you actually get to the good part.
Super Reviewer
April 16, 2016
Realised 10 minutes in I have seen this before and forgotten it. Then half hour later I realised why and switched it off.
Just not very good. And this from someone who gets on YouTube and actually seeks out made for tv thrillers.
March 31, 2016
The members of a small Indiana town are oblivious to the threat of their latest residents, Mary (Alice Krige) and Charles (Brian Krause) Brady. Although they appear to be normal human beings, the mother and son are actually members of a dying breed of "sleepwalkers," cat-like creatures that survive by feeding on virgins. As Charles sets out to stalk their latest meal, his prey, young Tanya Robertson (Madchen Amick), must struggle to fight off the sinister creatures.
March 16, 2016
The special effects are terrible, the make up is terrible and the acting is inconsistent.There are moments of inspired campy violence in this very dumb movie, but that's exactly the problem as it takes itself dead seriously.
½ December 29, 2015
12/29/2015: Wow, that was a horrible film!
½ November 20, 2015
Goofy, weird and wacky. Fun but unsubstantial.
October 28, 2015
A horror with elements of comedy than a full scare-horror, I first saw this when I was a young child and just looked at it again. The bizarre nature of the subject matter never completely lost it's flavour since I first saw it. The story and the way it is presented is twisted and well done. Somehow if King had not penned it, I really don't think it would have worked as well. Clovis may not have been the star, but he was definitely the main hero.
October 24, 2015
Corny and ridiculous, but still so much fun. Love all the little cameos.
August 28, 2015
Saw this when it first came out. It's cheesy, but fun and has a good sense of humour. Lots of cameos from horror directors/writes as well such as : King, Barker, Dante, Hooper and Landis. Worth a watch for fans of the genre.
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December 30, 2014
Cheesy in a likeable kind of way
November 24, 2014
WARNING...if you're a cat lover, do not watch this film. However, if you're a fan of Alice Krige, you might just like it. It also has a fairly funny cameo by Stephen King. It's interesting to see how make up and creature effects have improved since 1992
October 31, 2014
Moments of Stephean King Brilliance stand out from the rather cheap tawdry high school production values inherent throughout this set in a California looking Indiana. I have travelled throughout Southern Hilly Indiana and Flat central+Northern parts of the state. The premise that this is Indiana ruins another only from Stephan King Inspiration. sorry?
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