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A descendant of the legendary vampire slayer who did battle with the most infamous bloodsucker in history faces off against six of the most frightening monsters of the modern era in this rowdy horror comedy featuring Kenan Thompson and Leslie Nielsen. The closest that video-store clerk Stan Helsing (Steve Howey) ever came to fending off monsters was dealing with disgruntled customers irked at the lack of new releases -- but with Halloween fast approaching, that's all about to change. When the spookiest night of the year rolls around and Stan gets stranded in Stormy Night Estates with a group of his best friends, his true destiny is finally revealed. Stan Helsing shares the same bloodline as Dr. Abraham Van Helsing, the very man who once defeated Count Dracula. When Freddy, Jason, Chucky, Pinhead, Michael Myers, and Leatherface come out to play, Stan becomes convinced that he has the knowledge and know-how to defeat the dreaded horror icons. Perhaps with the help of Teddy (Thompson) and the rest of his longtime pals, Stan can uphold the family tradition of battling baddies and pass the torch to the next generation. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi


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  • Like garlic, holy water and silver bullets for our mythic evildoers, Stan Helsing is a surefire repellent to any good time.

    Dec 7, 2009 | Rating: 0/5 | Full Review…
  • If Stan does nothing else, it should at least get its four leads some attention.

    Oct 26, 2009

    John Anderson

    Top Critic
  • If there's one thing of which the cinematic world doesn't need more, it's horror movie spoofs.

    Oct 23, 2009
  • How do you make fun of boredom without being boring? Well, that's a tall task requiring lots of smarts and even more artistry.

    Oct 23, 2009 | Rating: 1/4 | Full Review…
  • By the time we reach the climactic karaoke smackdown, we have learned more about Freddy Kruegerâ(TM)s personal hygiene challenges -- and how to make a shockingly bad movie -- than we ever wanted to know.

    Oct 23, 2009 | Rating: 1/5
  • Mostly the gags are unfortunate and amateurish, but this micro-budget flick at least has a semi-coherent plot and every 10 minutes or so there's a flash of wit.

    Oct 23, 2009 | Rating: 1.5/4 | Full Review…

Audience Reviews for Stan Helsing

  • Jul 07, 2012
    Warning: this movie will likely cause irritation and a severe loss of braincells. Comparable to entering a run-down haunted house, where all the props are malfunctioning and the live-performing ghoulies have long since stopped giving a damn. A barely watchable, underachieving parody, whose only saving grace is its busty female beauties and a brief appearance by the late great Leslie Nielsen. I could extend my distaste for it with an even longer review, but why waste more time on it than I already have. If you want a fun horror spoof, watch <i>Tucker and Dale Vs. Evil</i> instead. Or even a haphazard selection among the <i>Scary Movie</i> flicks, which appear quite ingenious next to a suck-fest like this. To be fair though, it isn't altogether crappy. Kenan Thompson was pretty funny in some scenes and it did have ONE big, sexy appeal: former playmate Diora Baird. Whenever things got too cheesy, at least she was there in her skimpy indian outfit to save the day. She ought to get her own movie, called "Poca-hot-ass"! Besides Diora and her bazongas though, this misfire of a comedy doesn't have much to offer. Kind of like a bad Halloween special of <i>Family Guy</i>, if not more random yet. In other words: avoid like the plague!
    Mike S Super Reviewer
  • Jul 24, 2011
    I actually kind of enjoyed this parody of horror movies. Mixes together a variety of different old horror flick plots and tries to make it funny with varying results...maybe it was just the two hot eye candy chicks in slutty halloween costumes that kept me watching until the end...
    Chad R Super Reviewer
  • Jul 06, 2011
    Plot: Stan, along with his best friend, his best friend's date, and a smoking hot ex-girlfriend are off to a costume party, when Stan convinces them to take a side trip to Stormy Night Estates to drop off some videos. Along the way they meet some really creepy characters (along the likes of Freddy Krueger, Pinhead, Chucky, Jason Voorheas, Leatherface and Michael Myers). Stan finds out that he is the heir to the famous monster hunter, Abraham Van Helsing and must now stop these horror icons before they take over the town and kill all the people of the town. Look out for a cameo appearance of Leslie Nielsen as a transvestite barman in a redneck karaoke bar. This was an unapologetic parody of horror flicks including 'A Nightmare On Elm Street', 'Friday The 13th', 'Jeepers Creepers', 'Child's Play,' 'The Last House on the Left' and 'Hellraiser.'
    Deb S Super Reviewer
  • Jan 26, 2011
    Lame. I expected better from Kenan Thompson.
    Dead A Super Reviewer

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