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½ November 18, 2018
What happened to the star wars premise??? disgraceful mess. awful
November 18, 2018
sTARTs off with a yo momma joke, sets the tone right...
½ November 18, 2018
The worst movie any franchise could have made. Garbage pos made by political agenda bs
½ November 17, 2018
Pretty good slow chase story with heroes and cavalry coming for help. The life of mice. Luckily, some have the force. Great effects, good acting and rather funny at the beginning.
½ November 17, 2018
If you think Jar Jar Binks was the worst character in star wars, wait till you meet Rose Tico in this film.
November 17, 2018
Completely hollow film.
½ November 17, 2018
It took me a month to get through this pile of crap. I seriously fell asleep the first time I saw it. When I woke up, it was over and I wondered what I missed. When I went back to the part I could remember, I got bored a second time. And I decided to not bother with it for a while. The next two weeks I'd go back and try to watch it, but everything about it was such a disorganised mess that I ended up putting it off for a bit longer. I finally got through it after a month of going back and forth. This film did nothing for the series. I mean, we could literally skip it altogether and would be much happier we did.
½ November 17, 2018
This is almost a "so bad it's good" film - but not quite. It is just very bad - a poor script, a poor story, and some poor acting. I loved the SW films as a kid in the 80s and The Force Awakens was good. But the Last Jedi is right down at the bottom of the barrel with the Prequels. There are several laugh out loud moments in the film - but none of them intentional. An embarrassment of a film.
½ November 17, 2018
If you are a fan of the original trilogy, the prequels, or the expanded universe before Disney, you will despise this movie. Numerous plot holes ruin the continuity of the series, and a strong political undertones leave a bad taste. Character assassination is a terrible device, and I don't know how anyone tolerated this movie in theaters. Take away the star wars title, and its a b-movie.
½ November 17, 2018
This is, not just a terrible Star Wars movie, a bad movie. The plot doesn't make sense, the characters actions don't make any sense and then when you add in the Star Wars lore, nothing makes sense. Even down to the fact Fin was the toilet cleaner in the force awakens who could not fly, flies two ships in this movie. And that is the least of my complaints, there may not be one scene that has any logic in it, I'm a huge star wars fan but this film just killed the whole franchise for me.
November 17, 2018
Rian Johnson spitted on fans, killing important characters, breaking the figure of Luke, and making Anakin's lightsaber explode! Disgusting in every way.
½ November 17, 2018
What were the top critics smoking?
November 16, 2018
It took me three sittings to watch this movie right through to the end, all the way fighting a mixture of boredom, disbelief and disappointment. I've seen it several times since then hoping to like it more but each time is another slap in the face. I can say it was visually stunning and I take my hat off to the actors (who I thought really did try to make it work) but in the end it's hard to smile when your sucking on a lemon.
½ November 16, 2018
it is sad to watch a legacy die.
November 16, 2018
This movie proves that you cant throw money after shit and expect to strike gold.
how the hell can this movie have a higher rating on Tomatometer of the Star wars movies than Return of the jedi?
I've heard the director made this a film with a theme of failur and boy did he hit the spot and made a failure.
There is so many things wrong with this movie i cant even go through them all. Watch the critiques online that goes through them.
Story - is boring and leads nowhere. You can pretty much say that the movie has no story at all and only plot. Shit just happens but doesnt mean shit to the story since there is none.
Characters - are either boring, non-progressing or pointless. Why are villains made into fools? That is not what makes a good villain.
Comedy - is not funny and misplaced.
This was the first Star Wars movie i didnt watch in theater since i was dissapointed on The force awakens. This movie was so stupid that it doesnt seem like Star Wars anymore. Will never watch it again and probably never see another Disney SW movie.
½ November 16, 2018
Worst star wars film ... ever!
November 16, 2018
AMAZING STORY....AMAZING PLOT! Anyone who says there are plot holes (or no plot at all) are parroting general critiques that are simply unfounded and erroneous. I believe TLJ will go down as one of THE BEST Star Wars films in time. The fanbase aren't as divided as much as the internet, YouTube, and other outlets make it out to be given the numbers for this film which don't lie. The fact that haters of this movie are "still" creating fake accounts to voice their venom is not only sad but disturbing given its been nearly a year since its release. A "normal" individual might share their disdain and hopefully move on with life....but obviously, these haters aren't normal. The ongoing, minority uproar is hilariously sad. I can understand continued praise for the film and wanting to keep talking about and celebrate it, but to WANT to engage in disappointment of a movie over and over and over again is simply a waste of time and spirit!
But the haters, I believe, disappointed themselves wanting to see what they believed "should" have happened in this movie with their obsessive fan theories. Thankfully this was not the case! Otherwise, the result would have been a fan pleasing unoriginal film! Hence, TFA ...which I did enjoy but not nearly as good as TLJ. TLJ, such an Original movie! Amazing plot which carry the hero's well into their journey. To also say there was no character development is willfully overlooking key elements. For the haters, their fandom for something familiar have blinded them to any form of creative exploration to where they're unable to recognize good writing.
We see Finn growing to become a Rebel (or Rebel Scum) by movies end willing to sacrifice his own life for the cause. So, the sweet and plucky Rose serves as a bridge to help Finn get there. Even in heartbreak over the loss of her sister, she keeps her spirit positive understanding what's at stake as she's a picture to Finn of what it means to live the cause she's choosing to fight for. Their travels to Canto Bite expands his arch. I believe this part of the film is so overlooked and misunderstood. Why I appreciate this is because it was a purposeful, stark contrast that "Scum and villainy" can be found anywhere in the galaxy. From the dark and dingy crap holes of the Mos Eisley Cantina to the Lavished and opulent casinos of Canto Bite....again, a brilliant and purposeful contrast that I appreciated! Furthering Finns transition was the encounter with DJ. This guy's view of moral ambiguity saying there are no sides worth taking part in so "Don't Join". He represents a cynical position opposite to that of Rose. And in the end, we see DJ's position doesn't work because he flips on a dime putting them in peril (and the rest of what was left of the rebellion in escape pods by divulging the plans he overheard) and Rose's position is firm in where she saves his life....and now Finn is in it to win it to win it... even if it means his own life. His conviction to yell, "I won't let them win!" before almost sacrificing himself solidifies his turn to the Rebels. there's no plot holes here and major arch established.

We see Poe's continued growth by learning what it means to be leader and the real cost of sacrifice. BTW, the reason that Holdo does NOT share the plans with Poe was in the movie and it seems to have gone over the hater's collective heads! He was demoted, which she reminds him and therefore not obligated to say anything to him, and then proceeds to tell him that he was "impulsive and dangerous". Something they DID NOT need for the sake of their survival. So had Poe stuck to his post and awaited her orders and not agreed to Finn and Rose's plan....then he would not have communicated to Finn and Rose the evacuation plan in where DJ overheard and relayed it to the First Order. They ALL would have escaped to the planet undetected if it weren't for Poe's unwillingness to take orders. But again, he learns this lesson at great cost. How did people miss this?

And we see Rey no longer seeking identity in her parents (or parent figures in Luke or Han) but relying on the force awake within her to continue her journey. The Force is so strong and awake within her, heck in the TFA she's flying the Falcon like a champ and when Finn ask's her "How did you fly like that", she replies, "I don't know, I just did". There's something different and the force is again mysterious in this film like it was in the OT. Something's really up with the force in these movies that it truly is awaken in the broader sense and I love it! And somehow, she's key to it and looking forward to more of what unfolds through her....

And Ben Solo going from a conflicted student under Snope (Who gives crap of his background!) to becoming what his grandfather could not be and that was Supreme Leader of the Empire. When every pattern might have suggested a turn to the light...uh, nope! Instead it was a turn to burn the past and the galaxy is now his bitch! No one is going to stop his quest for ultimate power! A truly evil and power-hungry leader who just happens to be a Skywalker and a Solo!
No, no, no.... we're all in terra incognita! Don't' know what's going to happen next and that IS soooo good!!!

Damn...and Luke Skywalker!!! How does anyone miss that by exiling himself onto that island was the sacrifice he believed was necessary to end the failure of the Jedi belief and the cosmic conflict that it brings. No more light...then there'd be no more dark to counter it at the expense of the innocent lives in the middle of the ongoing turmoil. Luke's greatest he believes...was to remove himself, discontinue the Jedi order, disconnect with the force, and become a willing sacrificial lamb. He even gives Rey insight on why the Jedi needed to end given that the history of the order was arrogance and repeated mistakes.....this was so different...and yet so necessary to broaden any future of Star Wars.
Some might question, was that the thing to do knowing that Kylo Ben was out there wreaking havoc? Sure...maybe. But at least he felt so convicted enough to try. BOLD. And to suggest that Luke would NEVER consider the idea of ending Ben's life well...did you not hear him when he told Rey that Snope already had overtaken Ben and that "He was NO MATCH for the darkness that had consumed him."??? This isn't coming from the still young and na´ve Luke ready to help and TRY to win his father back from the dark side 30 something years earlier.
A story Rey heard about and showcased that same naivety in attempting to win Kylo back.
This is an older, wiser Luke seeing " WHAT IS and WHAT IS going TO HAPPEN to so many because of Ben's turn to the darkness." Which is why he says to Rey, "This is not going to go the way you think!" Because he already knew that Kylo was lost and cannot be saved. He even tells Leia at the end, "I can't save him." And she knows this. And to further that Luke was right, that last scene with Rey's force connection to Kylo (anyone wonder how this was done since it was Snoke who connected them and now he's dead?) , before the doors close on the Falcon, shows her disappointment and that she was wrong. It did not go the way she thought. And the closing of that door finalizes that separation of the two.
And Luke knowing that there was no turning his nephew back and having a slight temptation to end it for the sake of the lives of so many, including his own pupils....Luke STILL STAYS his hand. A Lesser person...even a lesser Jedi would have struck. Not Luke. And his fleeting thought to do so doesn't make him weak at all...or even out of character...but it only elevates his humanity. The good and the bad. And The expectations of the Jedi to kill their enemies in such ways was the failure Luke was speaking about.
To do away with Palpatine as spoken by Mace Windu, "He's too dangerous to keep alive." And He was about to kill him before Anakin interfered.
The expectation to do away with Vader was even spoken by Obi-Wan. When Luke says, "I can't kill my own Father", Ben replies, "Then the Emperor has already won. You were our only hope" Hence, an expectation to KILL Vader...and Luke refuses. Even when tempted by the dark side in front of the Emperor, At the moment of almost killing his own father what does he do? He stays his hand. No....TLJ kept his character consistent! And rather than making Star Wars all about Lightsaber they were so formulaic in the prequals...Luke confronts the First Order in the most, Jedi-like, Pacifistic manner going back to Yoda's training. "Never use the force for attack, only for defense." That teaching ALL goes out the window in Episodes 1, 2, and 3! The lightsaber fights in the OT furthered the story and had emotional weight, and I believe better without all that zany choreography.
In the prequals (and as cool as they may have been) the stories more or less centered around the saber duels for fan service thus cheapening the emotional conflicts. Sorry, in looking back, Yoda should have NEVER had a lightsaber. It's just so silly now.
Now when Luke decides NOT to do that...instead, we witness that he's the strongest force user of them all....he tricks the order to allow the rebels another fighting chance! At great sacrifice while sparking inspiration from that sacrifice. Making his name not just of legend but now of Mythology as the inspired story of Luke Skywalker will go on forever! Demonstrated in that last scene by those kids not just reenacting the herosim of how Luke saves the day, but playing with their action figure (the way we did as kids) living out the many adventures of Luke Skywalker. This was an amazing scene as it also spoke to the ten-year-old inside of me! As much as I loved Luke Skywalker before going into this film, I left more in love with this character than ever!
Rian Johnson made a Star Wars movie rich and layered and reminded us (the many who appreciated his exploration) that Star Wars is SO MUCH more than lightsaber fights!
And if anyone nitpicks about how bombs should fall in space (uhum tie-bombers in TESB anyone?) or surviving in space is impossible or how nothing was scientifically possible...uh yeah!! This is Space Fantasy not science-Fiction...or science to that! From the start, Star Wars was nothing more than Wizards in Space. Old guys with glowing swords. Green lizard dude floating rocks about. Giant slugs in asteroid fields, and all sorts of crazy creatures having a drink at a cosmic pub. If you can buy all that, then you really need to quit griping about the small idiotic things. When you're griping over stuff in a fantasy film to that minutia, then you really know nothing about Star Wars and griping for the sake of it. It makes you really look stupid.
So get over yourselves and try to see the brilliance of one of the finest Star Wars films we're blessed to have! CANNOT wait for Johnsons trilogy and Episode 9!!!!!Bring it!
½ November 16, 2018
Where are the Y-wings? This movie is inconsistent with the star wars universe and is used primarily as a platform to spew gender and identity politics. It's an entertaining movie to play for your toddler though, as the jokes are roughly PG-5 and the 'action' scenes are slow and riddled with these jokes. The effects are decent, but what can you expect from a movie made in 2017. If the story isn't good then the effects don't matter either. Disney can produce whatever they want, they have the rights, but where Star Wars truly lies is with the fans, and the content created there is more powerful and creative than anything Rian has added to the franchise.
November 16, 2018
Bad casting choices, bad writing and a lot og missed opportunities.
½ November 16, 2018
The animators did an excellent job with the CGI space scenes, but the story is very lacking. The Force Awakens setup a lot of good potential future stories. Don't expect to see any of those plot points expanded upon in this movie. You could tell the writer of this movie isn't a fan of the franchise and doesn't understand the universe and characterizations of the old characters.
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