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January 31, 2011
August 23, 2010
Who needs competent acting and writing when there are so many shiny, pretty things flying right at you?
August 10, 2010
I think it actually honors the art form of dance, but not in a solemn, highbrow way.
August 6, 2010
Everyone in the cast can dance, even if only half can act. The revelation is 18-year-old Sevani -- he's got the ease of Gene Kelly and he can do the robot.
August 6, 2010
Functions less as a story than as a catalog of references meant to interest a young audience: mixed martial arts, parkour, X-games, Red Hook, Chinatown, D.I.Y. filmmaking.
August 6, 2010
The dance scenes are inventive and pop out in all kinds of strange places.
January 11, 2018
Step Up 3D doesn't have to be anything more than a series of completely magnificent dance sequences (all that tasty, candied melodrama is just a binding agent). And the dancing does not disappoint. It's virtuosic and exciting and borderline magical.
July 24, 2012
Blends the narrative, the dancing, and the music in a vibrant way that hasn't been captured before. Otherwise, it's really just more of the same.
July 23, 2012
With each successive film, whatever passes for story becomes all the more shallow and trite--and the movies as a whole actually get *better*.
June 29, 2012
Plotting along at an infantile level, the story here is nothing new and hardly means anything.
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