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Sukiyaki Western Django

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Inventive and off-kilter, the newest feast from J-Horror director Takashi Miike is super-sensory, self-referential and somewhat excessive.



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Two clans, Genji, the white clan led by Yoshitsune, and Heike, the red clan led by Kiyomori, battle for a legendary treasure hidden in a desolate mountain town. One day, a lone gunman, burdened with deep emotional scars but blessed with incredible shooting skills, drifts into town. Two clans try to woo the lone gunman to their sides, but he has ulterior motives. Dirty tricks, betrayal, desire and love collide as the situation erupts into a final, explosive showdown.

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  • Ultimately not quite as clever as it thinks it is. Even the action sequences are more about Foley than choreography, and so the film largely rests on the oddity of its mix of styles and its parade of genre in-jokes

    Aug 8, 2009 | Full Review…
  • As much of a hoot as the movie is, it feels like just an exercise well before it ends.

    Oct 3, 2008 | Rating: 2.5/4 | Full Review…
  • Sukiyaki Western Django is Takashi Miike's frantic swirl of a spaghetti western, marrying eastern and western elements in what could be taken as either homage or parody -- or both.

    Sep 19, 2008 | Rating: 2/4 | Full Review…
  • Cult director Takashi Miike's English-language Sukiyaki Western Django has style to burn but self-destructs like a wildfire as it attempts to spoof spaghetti westerns -- a passé endeavor -- and Sergio Corbucci's Django in particular.

    Sep 12, 2008 | Rating: 2/5 | Full Review…
  • The flick's a lot of sound and fury and dynamite that signifies nothing while paying tribute to everything

    Sep 12, 2008 | Rating: B- | Full Review…
  • The lurid sets and savage and startling action will undoubtedly have cult appeal as the conventions of physics, history and genre are all ignored in this overblown fever dream.

    Sep 1, 2008 | Rating: 2/4

Audience Reviews for Sukiyaki Western Django

  • Sep 03, 2012
    An eccentric and often extremely entertaining flick from Mr. Miike. Quentin Tarantino's turn in the film is also a comedic highlight.
    Kristijonas F Super Reviewer
  • Mar 02, 2012
    Jim Slotek (Jami Movies) put it quite well: Miike knows how to film cartoonish violence with style, and the sillier the movie becomes in its mayhem, the harder it is to turn away from. I enjoyed it overall. I found it excessive. Some of it was offensive. I'm glad I watched it on TV, so I could fast forward through some of the brutality. The visual style of the film is its strongest selling point, and like so much of Japanese cinema, it delivers repeatedly in this regard.
    Morris N Super Reviewer
  • Feb 20, 2012
    I was excited to see this film, since (in Japan, anyway) it was promoted as Miike's first collaboration with writer Masa Nakamura since the softly philosophical The Bird People in China. Plus, what arthouse fan wouldn't be interested in seeing Miike's stab at a Western? Well, he certainly pays the proper respects to Leone, Corbucci, and Kurosawa, but this film read like a style exercise with clever references, and nothing more. Making the curious decision to cast Japanese actors to speak English renders every annunciation and inflection awkward and disengaging. It's almost as if Miike wanted to keep the audience at bay, and in turn, his characters two-dimensional. Sure, there are some terrific shots and the production design is gorgeous, but unfortunately this is just another annoying "postmodern/revisionist" film that isn't meant to be engaged with, but is meant to be watched with a smug and hip ironic detachment. It's a film that is championed by "film people" who look around and say "Aren't I cool for laughing at this?" No, you're not. You're what's wrong with the industry today. If this analysis appears to be too critical or negative, look at which famous director makes an eye-rolling cameo in the opening scene: the poster child for hip, self-referential cinema and the man who has single-handedly killed film art forever, Mr. Quentin Tarantino. Miike is better than this.
    Jonathan H Super Reviewer
  • Jan 20, 2011
    Meant to be over the top and completely insane. It's also fun and entertaining. Just get past the engrish voice dubs and you'll be fine.
    Chris B Super Reviewer

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