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Like his WR: Mysteries of the Organism, Dusan Makavejev's controversial 1974 feature Sweet Movie is firmly rooted in the principles of psychoanalyst Wilhelm Reich. In cinematic terms, this means bombarding the audience with an onset of imagery so visceral, disgusting and repellent that it "awakens" the viewer in a Brechtian manner by "short-circuiting" the audience's reactions. Sweet Movie interweaves two narratives. One begins with a trip to the "Miss World Virginity Contest," whose winner, Miss Monde 1984 (Carole Laure) is auctioned off to Mr. Kapital (Animal House's John Vernon), a Texas oil billionaire with an odd perversion. Instead of deflowering her on her wedding night, he sterilizes the terrified girl's body with rubbing alcohol and showers her in urine with his massive gold-plated penis, while an audience watches bemusedly through his bedroom window. She later escapes from her bridegroom, in a suitcase, and winds up at a wild Viennese commune whose participants indulge in public defecation and a food orgy that wraps with a massive display of gurgling, yakking, and vomiting. At the tale's conclusion, Miss Monde shoots a television commercial that involves writhing nude in a giant vat of chocolate, with which she is completely drenched from head to toe, as the cameras roll. The second story involves a woman, Anna Planeta (Anna Prucnal) piloting a candy-filled boat down a river, with a massive papier-mache head of Lenin on the prow and a lover in-tow who is a refugee from the Battleship Potemkin. She eventually does a seductive striptease and seduces a pack of children, then makes love to her paramour in a vat of sugar and stabs him through the heart. Throughout the film, Makavejev includes shock cuts to Nazi autopsy footage and medical experimentation footage, some of which involves physical abuse of infants under the guise of "baby gymnastics." Although it has its admirers, Sweet Movie is something of an acquired taste. And that's putting it kindly. ~ Nathan Southern, Rovi


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  • Aug 07, 2015
    "Sweet Movie" is a scattershot and surreal satirical film that throughout makes a valid point that sex really isn't that big a deal and certainly nothing to get worked up about. That illuminating thought begins with the inspired madness that is the Miss World Virginity Pageant, before including depictions of every sexual kink known to man, woman and other. And then just to insure that none of us will ever have an erection again(or the female equivalent), documentary footage is included of bodies being uncovered from the Katyn Massacre site.
    Walter M Super Reviewer
  • Nov 11, 2012
    Literally what the fuck did I just watch was my initial response when I finished watching Sweet Movie. A delightfully demented and disgusting orgy of culture, tasteless offense, and heavy political and social symbolism; it's almost as if director Dusan Makavejev is just piling up weird scenario after weird scenario to create his plot (which he essentially is), but the art of his film is that there actually is something else going on here, although I haven't the faintest idea what the majority of it might be, although I do have my hunches. The trick is to just sit back and enjoy. Which most people won't be able to do with a movie carrying themes of pedophilia (off-screen), both male and female genitalia (most definitely on-screen), the act of sex itself, and a scene involving a particularly disgusting full-body chocolate bath. I understand. But the weird humor of it all was sort of intoxicating and I can safely say I've never seen anything like it. It is art in a decidedly pure form.
    Ryan M Super Reviewer
  • Oct 01, 2012
    Two alternating stories: in one a virgin beauty queen escapes from her millionaire husband with a solid gold penis, while in the other a Socialist sea captain sails down the Seine with a hold full of sugar and candy. With explicit nudity, blood, urine, puke, feces, infantilism, sexualization of children, and pointless political references, it's like an arthouse version of PINK FLAMINGOS, only boring.
    Greg S Super Reviewer
  • Nov 05, 2011
    'Sweet Movie' is a movie of is time, fitting in with the experimental post-modern literature of the 70's (Pynchon, Delillo, Coover, etc.) that featured avante garde storytelling and black humour and a penchant for bizarre skits or meta stories. 'Sweet Movie' ups the stakes, providing surrealist imagery (some anti capitalism, most ambiguous) of a golden penis pissing with an edit to Niagra falls, a nude woman bathing in chocolate, a man drinking another man's fountain of piss, I can go on but I have to eat in the next week. Suffice it to say, this is an abhorrent form of anti-entertainment that has haunting dialogue like, 'I'll do something to you that my father taught me,' then a sexual act is performed. I'll remember some of the images but will I care to remember most of the movie? A study of beauty in ugliness or a movie with mixed and disgusting ideas? It's worth one watch but its value after the initial shock is equivocal.
    Jonny B Super Reviewer

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