The 5th Wave Reviews

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February 4, 2016
"What's the point of any of this?" asks Cassie. I kept hoping, but no such luck. It's a question that is never answered.
January 28, 2016
Ultimately squashed by a silly and generic love triangle that makes The Hunger Games look like Casablanca.
January 26, 2016
The storyline is generic apocalyptic science fiction and feels a lot like an uninspired fusion of Independence Day and the TV mini-series "V".
January 25, 2016
The whole thing appears to have been designed by some crazed Oedipal wing of the N.R.A.
January 24, 2016
The 5th Wave plays like a Wayans-brothers spoof of movies based on dystopian Young Adult novels. Seriously, it could have been called YA Movie the way it wallows in all the overly familiar tropes of the genre.
January 23, 2016
The death and destruction in "The 5th Wave" can be highly entertaining, but once that's over, the movie must follow its predetermined formula.
January 22, 2016
the only standout in the cast besides Moretz is Maika Monroe (It Follows) as a Goth fighter with no patience for pussies. Jeez, if only Monroe and Mortez had been allowed to take over. Instead, here's another dystopian washout.
January 22, 2016
Say this for Cassie Sullivan (Chlo Grace Moretz): no matter how bad things get during the alien-wrought apocalypse, her hair looks great.
January 22, 2016
It's like Lord of the Flies by way of Michael Bay, only not nearly as awesome as that sounds.
January 22, 2016
When a book is adapted for the screen, there are reasons why some tangential plot points need to go. But Susannah Grant, Akiva Goldsman, and Jeff Pinkner, the screenwriting team who adapted Yancey's book, have destroyed the book's rich texture.