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      The Impossible Reviews

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      May 20, 2023

      I loved this movie Tom Holland and the cast were excellent!!

      Mar 14, 2023

      Remarkable survival story. Very well done.

      Mar 6, 2023

      A family of five vacationing beside the Indian Ocean experience the horrors of the 2004 Boxing Day tsunami at first hand. Excellent realistic portrayal of events.

      Feb 1, 2023

      A stunning story of a family surviving together, learning how to be there for the others, learning who each person of their family really is, in the face of a tsunami destructive event where there's no forewarning, you survive or you do not, but how you peer into that abyss and what you do during and after forges who you are. The strength of this family and its individuals is inspiring. Based on a true story and real family, that family must be something!

      Jan 5, 2023

      10 years old and pretty straightforward overcoming impossible odds Not awful though Director JA Bayona tells the emotional true story of disaster meets family drama In 2004 the deadliest tsunami to hit Southeast Asia occurred affecting hundreds of tourists and citizens The focus is on a family of five; the parents played by Naomi Watts and Ewan McGregor Their marriage is on the rocks and they figure spending Christmas in Thailand might be the solution Of course none of them are prepared for what follows....a huge wave of water slams into the hotel they stay at and each member gets separated and severely injured From then on the mother and father seek out their kids to reunite and go home For a disaster movie this is filled with carnage as well as being highly emotional Anybody would react differently coming out of the aftermath of a huge event like this They definitely put you in the perspective of this tsunami, it's more than just a wave of water it's debris broken glass, trees, rocks, furniture etc There's no way you can capably swim through it as the force of the water pulls you in many directions and you smash into anything being blind Something like a hunk of metal or a branch can feel like a sword being driven through your body The practical makeup effects are so grisly but believable assuming anyone could survive this Despite the fact the real family is actually Latino-centric not Aussie yet McGregor and Watts are the best parts next to these kids as they are torn up by not just the physical damage but the emotional toll too It’s not the easiest to watch but very hopeful in spots knowing this family will go through hell to get back together and making us see how tenuous life is valuing those we love most

      Jan 2, 2023

      This is one of my favorite movies. If you like sad movies definitely watch this. It’s based on a true story too. The acting is amazing and the effects. Everything about this movie is sad and amazing

      Dec 28, 2022

      The lack of music intensifies the horrific scenes, throw in the quick build up to the wave and the fact it wasn't dragged out, the film now concentrates on the survival, and touching scenes of Tom Holland's character Lucas is second to none! All in all I'd say a solid 8/10.

      Nov 26, 2022

      The best acting performance from Tom Holland!

      Oct 21, 2022

      I like this movie, beacause it has adrenaline. It treat a tsunami in morning of christmas. The family need to confront this situation to separete. The mom stay whit big bhroter, and dad stay whit little bhroters. The family to find in hospital, where mom stay. The director is Juan Antonio Bayona, and the movie shoot in 21 december 2012.

      Sep 25, 2022

      The impossible boasts an impressive cast and spectacular effects to showcase a hope driven story.

      Sep 12, 2022

      im glad these poor little guys had the Zurich insurance, otherwise they'd have been left to rot like all mortals

      Sep 5, 2022

      Its film isn't as powerful as the cast or directing but The Impossible tells a powerful story a true events that shock the world and set a chain a events.

      Aug 22, 2022

      The movie is awesome. The fact that it is based on real life events makes you connect and empathize a lot with all the situations that each member of family goes through. 100% recommended.

      Jul 25, 2022

      Great movie with good acting and a well done setting.

      Jun 8, 2022

      O Impossível é uma prova de como deve ser desesperador um Tsunami, e como devasta lugares, cidades; no filme tem a separação da família por causa de uma catástrofe, com algumas ou diria muitas cenas emocionantes como o reencontro do pai com o filho, a mãe em estado crítico, nesse teve um final feliz mas em muitos casos alguns podem não ter.

      Mar 14, 2022

      Exactly what every disaster movie should be. Full of heart, aware of the scope, shocking, entertaining and poignant. I mean, disaster movies based on actual events. We're not discussing Emmerich's escapism.

      Mar 11, 2022

      I watch this movie when i was a little child, this movie have emotion, tragic acidents, they passing emotion in all moments, good script and actors.

      Mar 11, 2022

      Missed opportunities with screenplay, especially at the end, but was well directed and acted.

      Mar 6, 2022

      An incredible story about the devasting power of nature and the powerful ability of human coping and resources that can bring goodness out of tragedy.

      Feb 26, 2022

      Great film but could've ended 20 minutes earlier

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