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When an ancient prophecy threatens to wreck havoc on humanity, a billionaire inventor assumes the persona of the one being who may possess the power to save all of mankind in this animated adventure exploring the origins of popular Marvel Comics superhero Iron Man. Wealthy industrialist Tony Stark was raising the ruins of a buried Chinese empire when the emperor of the world's most brutal dynasty was unearthed and began to unleash his fury in the modern world. Now, in order to defeat the most powerful evil ever witnessed by man, Stark will use his unlimited wealth and fast-thinking innovation to craft a suit of impenetrable armor and assume the guise of the mighty Iron Man.


Marc Worden
as Tony Stark/Ironman
Fred Tatasciore
as The Mandarin
John McCook
as Howard Stark

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Audience Reviews for The Invincible Iron Man

  • Aug 27, 2017
    Very poor Marvel animation, I've never read a Marvel comic as it's DC all the way in my house but I know allot of back stories and origin stories for Marvel and this didn't work at all as it focused more on a silly side plot about an ancient Chinese curse or something like that and it really took the shine off the origin story but even that felt rushed in this overlong film, The animation felt weird at times and the action wasn't anything great, The voice cast were very dull and there was not one bit of humour and that didn't help at all, It's overlong, Dull and not worth a second watch.
    Jamie C Super Reviewer
  • Jun 13, 2012
    Let it be stated that I believe I went into this film with too high expectations. I knew from the get go that this "origin story" was in no way related to Earth-616 or Earth-199999. What I didn't realise however, was that it was going to be bastardised to the point it bore no resemblance to armoured Avenger whatsoever! Without trying to ruin the story line itself, let me give you a couple of points about how 'The Invincible Iron Man" differs from an actual Iron Man story. Tony'sdadisstillalive Starktowerisrunbyhoward Howardisresponsibleforthedeathofmaria SHIELDareanevilgovernmentagency Themandarinwasanundergroundemperor Thereareonlyfiverings Tonyisneverreferredtoasironman Healsomakessuitslongbeforeheneedsto Rhodeyisamedicblahblahblahblahblah it goes fucking on, let me assure you. The animation isn't the worst I've ever seen, but for a 2007 high-budget release I was expecting a lot more than I got. I have no problem with deviation from source material, in fact originality is something to be praised, however, every point I can think of where The Invincible Iron Man loses its grip on Marvel standards, is a point in which they've made the story worse, not different. The film blends Eastern and Western styles quite nicely, but in reality they would have been better picking a focus and working from there. The fact that this cartoon markets itself as the "origin story" of Iron Man is just plain deplorable. But even if to view The Invincible Iron Man as a stand alone, the film is far from good. I actually found myself wanting for more action sequences, which is generally the part of a movie I appreciate the least. Honestly the exposition was so indescribably weak that I can't in all seriousness recommend this to anyone. It's too disgracefully removed to impress Iron Man fans. It's too ridiculous and nonsensical to appease Sc-Fi buffs or cartoon enthusiasts. It's too racist and Western to work for anime-lovers. And it's to flat out boring to scratch the itch of those who came for violent robot fights. It doesn't take much for a cartoon to hook me in, I'm simple that way, but The Incredible Iron Man was serious in the worst possible way, with clunky characters, limitless cliches and zero novelty. I was sincerely underwhelmed. 2.3 / 10
    Gimly M Super Reviewer
  • Aug 01, 2011
    Too awful to critique, really. Not only is the story a bastardization of his origin but the animation is absolutely awful. There's some unexpected attention to character complexities and relationships, but outside of that this film completely fails in every way possible. Why would Marvel put money on such crap?
    Drake T Super Reviewer
  • Jan 13, 2011
    Nothing all that bad, but nothing particularly great. The animation is not impressive at all, it seems as if there were budget issues because the movement looks unnatural. Where it really excels is in the storyline, which is a semi-origin story and Mandarin plot. I only wish there was more time spent with Iron Man in his suits instead of being just a plain, non-RDJ Tony.
    Conner R Super Reviewer

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