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November 25, 2017
This one set off some nerves about the book, and some backstory was messed up (they are in the maze for 3 years in the movie, but 2 in the book, The grievers are spider creatures instead of slug beasts, and there is a completely different escape solution in the movie than in the book). Nonetheless, it was a great movie, with the gritty survival aspect pinned down perfectly. I feel like they could've used a better fit for Newt, though. in the book, he is shorter than Alby, has long hair, and is STRONG. In this movie, though, he is the complete opposite of those traits that made Newt be Newt in the book, though.
½ November 18, 2017
Unlike the most people, I dont like this book and movie, even movie is better, This universe is simple to me. Maybe it's just about my pleasure, whatever.
I guess the only thing I like about this movie is the colors and some performances.
A movie that can be watched if it shows on television.
½ November 12, 2017
Another sci-fi Lord of the Fliesesque film with mediocre acting but a mildly interesting plot. I don't think they maximised what they could have done with the runners and the maze. Wasted opportunity in that regard. I didn't care about any of the characters so hard to buy into any emotion in this film but it was pretty watchable at aleast and I'll watch the sequels.
October 27, 2017
Great story with a dark tone and suspenseful action and mystery, even if it still is not quite as good as the book
October 19, 2017
Its just an ok movie,nothing more..
October 6, 2017
I've seen it it is awesome love the maze runner series
½ October 2, 2017
Movie I knew NOTHING about going in and it was both entertaining and suspenseful, even probably worth a future re-watch.
September 27, 2017
AWESOME MOVIE, but book was better sadly
September 27, 2017
This is a very good movie! I CANNOT UNDERSTAND HOW IT HAS SUCH A LOW RATING , This is definately one of the top 10 movies I've seen !
½ September 25, 2017
Unexpectedly good, The Maze Runner is surprisingly faithful to the book, although there are obviously some changes. The acting is very good, the action is well-shot and tense, and the premise is undeniably solid. It may not answer all the questions it presents, but it makes up for it in other ways. The CGI looks almost real, although not quite. It also avoids many, but not all, of the typical YA cliches, and it's definitely better than Divergent, even if it's not as good as The Hunger Games. I've read the books, and I did not have high expectations for this movie, but I was pleasantly surprised.
September 17, 2017
intense maze on to survive tell to dylan o brien how to guide and survive
½ August 25, 2017
Thomas: We Get out now or die trying.

I read the 2009 book "The Maze Runner" a couple months ago and enjoyed it very much. This movie was completly diffrent from that book. some of the changes i loved others I didnt mind as much. i found this to be a perfect and original movie with a brilliant young cast and new director. Ready for the sequal!
August 23, 2017
Great movie, amazing actors and actresses. Kept me on the edge of my seat , I would highly recommend this movie to anyone !!
½ August 23, 2017
A hackneyed version of the Hunger Games. Unoriginal and quite dull of a movie.
½ August 21, 2017
Interesting mystery definitively engaging and worth the time invested.
August 14, 2017
Best fucking movie, and the reviews are bullshit
August 6, 2017
Saw this at the cinema, and it was mostly full of young teens. I was with my girlfriend who wanted to see it. But to my surprise, it was a really solid YA (young adult). Decent acting in a mystery-survival plot setting with some great moments of tension and suspense. Shame about the sequel though... 4/5*
½ August 6, 2017
A solid premise turned down by dumb and two dimensional characters, The Maze Runner is another normal movie adaptation.
July 20, 2017
An entertaining film with many great qualities, although the movie doesn't correspond with all aspects of the novel, this film is still a fun ride. Except for the terrible ending, oh how rushed the ending was...
July 19, 2017
I love it and Thomas is my favorite character
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