Jan 22, 2019
The Nutty Professor is a waste of talent, a waste of superb color photography and a waste of time.
Jun 27, 2014
The Nutty Professor was not only a starring vehicle for Lewis, the comedian, it was also co-written and directed by the star and shows, intentionally and deliberately, two drastically different sides of him.
Jun 17, 2014
Demonstrates that Jerry Lewis is the absolute master of screen space: There's not a single indifferent shot in the film.
Jun 9, 2014
[Jerry] Lewis constructed one of his sturdiest scripts in The Nutty Professor, and he wasted scarcely a minute of it.
May 7, 2007
Mar 24, 2007
Oct 22, 2006
Jun 19, 2005
Feb 7, 2005
Jan 2, 2005
Certainly Jerry Lewis at his best.
Dec 17, 2004
Oct 19, 2004
It's a brilliant job of direction, but the film couldn't have worked without Lewis' performance in both roles.
Oct 14, 2004
Contains some of Lewis's most outr directorial flourishes.
Apr 3, 2004
Silly, manic, juvenile, square, unfunny in an offensive way and serving as an egomaniacal testament to Mr. Lewis.
Jan 31, 2004
Much better than the remake; Jerry Lewis' best movie.
Dec 3, 2003
Nov 15, 2003
Jul 31, 2003
Supposedly Lewis' masterpiece. That says a lot about Lewis.
Feb 19, 2003
Classic Jerry Lewis