The Patsy Reviews

November 29, 2018
...Lewis' comedy is so exasperating it makes people watching it break things, the way his handlers drop cups and overturn bottles watching him in disbelief at his one-of-a-kind incompetence...
September 25, 2009
Who is Jerry Lewis, and why is he funny when he's serious and serious when he's funny?
August 2, 2007
Jerry follows along the comedy lines of Chaplin, but with far less good results.
June 11, 2005
January 4, 2005
Jerry Lewis romp has its rib tickles.
October 23, 2004
The Patsy reflects a genuine affection for the artisans and jacks-of-all-trades that make careers like Lewis's possible.
October 19, 2004
June 8, 2004
Frantic and over-produced, with the ungoverned star at his spastic worst.
February 27, 2004
February 18, 2004
Fascinatingly made Lewis film. Too bad it's not very funny.