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Written and directed by Jenée LaMarque, THE PRETTY ONE is a coming of age comedy about identity and loss and a wallflower who finally learns how to break out of her shell. In a balancing act of a performance, Zoe Kazan portrays twins Laurel and Audrey, most poignantly as a relationship blooms with her new neighbor (Jake Johnson). As Laurel begins to slip into the life she has always wanted but never thought was possible, she must decide between continuing her life as Audrey and revealing herself as the perfect fraud. (c) DADA Films

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Zoe Kazan
as Laurel/Audrey
Frankie Shaw
as Claudia
Katherine Macanufo
as Laurel/Audrey Double
Robin Reiser
as Hunter's Mom
Luka Jones
as Patrick
Danny Pudi
as Dr. Rao
Meagen Fay
as Mrs. Matthews
Joel Cooper
as Darren Matthews
Michael Alferoff
as David Matthews
Dale Raoul
as Mrs. Shoemacher
Bob Larkin
as Droopy Priest
Rick Lechowick
as Tall Husband
Anne Gregory
as Short Wife
Audi Resendez
as Rockabilly Hairdresser
Jennifer LaFleur
as Marguerite
Annie O'Donnell
as Squat Old Lady
Judith Drake
as Old Lady
Lylah Dixon
as Annette
Devan Leos
as Funeral Boy #1
William Kronfeld
as Funeral Boy #2
Vthongdee Sookdet
as Tiny Old Man
Kaila Kastan
as Hunter's Sister
David Christison
as Dishwasher
Julian Wass
as Young Hot Guy
Joanne Scott
as Nurse #1
Carol Gardner
as Physical Therapist
Fatima Dzagoeva
as Flight Attendant
Frankie Wass
as Little Girl
Jenée LaMarque
as Little Girl's Mom
Patrick Breen
as Perfect Dad
Bronwyn Cornelius
as Perfect Mom
Stuart Littlefield
as Perfect Boy
Rosa Yelena Schorr
as Perfect Girl
Katana Boyer
as Halloween Kid
Samara Owens
as Halloween Kid
Tyler Nunes
as Halloween Kid
Leoni Mendoza
as Halloween Mom
Abby Leboff
as Halloween Mom
Patricia Diaz
as Halloween Mom
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  • Dec 12, 2014
    Really liking Zoe Kazan as an actress. She plays her own twin through the first part of this. Hard movie to describe, but I really did like this one.
    Nicki M Super Reviewer
  • Jun 16, 2014
    Zoe Kazan is a very whimsical, sweet looking little creature, and she carries a lot of this movie on her back. Playing identical twins Audrey and Laurel, she navigates death, heartbreak, and feelings of inadequacy and loss with aplomb. The problem with this film is that Laurel is a weird character, and not the "Manic Pixie Dream Girl" weirdness of a quirky character, but the delusion of someone who has mental issues. Laurel takes over her sister's life after she dies, and then acts strange around all her sister's friends and acquaintances, and basically everyone she meets. She's mousy, lonely, and often says odd things to her tenant, played by Jake Johnson. Their relationship is probably where most of the charm is supposed to originate in the script, but they both come off as delusional, somewhat out of touch people. If this film wasn't so bogged down in Laurel, and let Audrey's life shine through a little more, there would have been a bigger, broader message than the one we get from this film.
    Spencer S Super Reviewer
  • Feb 10, 2014
    "They told her to get a life. They didn't say whose." - tagline for Supergirl comic book in the 90's. In "The Pretty One," Laurel(Zoe Kazan) begins her birthday by losing her virginity to Hunter(Sterling Beaumon) who she used to babysit for. Otherwise, it is business as usual as she takes care of her widowed painter father(John Carroll Lynch) before her twin sister Ashley(Zoe Kazan) shows up for the celebration. Disapproving of her sister's lack of a life, Ashley invites Laurel back with her to the big city. And all goes as planned until tragedy strikes and a sister is killed in a car accident. With everybody thinking it is Laurel who has died when instead it is Ashley, Laurel sees her chance and takes over her sister's identity and moves to the city... While "The Pretty One" has some surprises in store for Laurel as to the truth of Ashley's life, the movie also has some good thoughts along the same line of how you cannot truly know somebody until you have walked a mile in their high heels.(Just ask quantum physicist Sam Beckett if you do not believe me.) Otherwise, the movie can be just as awkward as its heroine in expressing those ideas. So, it is a good thing that Zoe Kazan is excellent in dual roles, even if she is a little outside of her comfort zone. Plus, the movie also has Jake Johnson's easy going charm going for it.
    Walter M Super Reviewer
  • Jan 28, 2014
    I thought the premise of this film was great and was anxious to watch it after I saw the trailer. After watching it, I can concede that Kazan and Johnson have great chemistry but that's not enough to save this weirdly plotted comedy. By the end it feels clichéd and silly.
    Wildaly M Super Reviewer

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