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April 28, 2018
Absolutely gorgeous film. Make sure you're in the right mood to watch it, though (I personally recommend a lazy morning with a cup of coffee) since the movie is slow-paced and there's no dialogue.
April 2, 2018
Not an intelligible word, but incredibly powerful.
April 2, 2018
2D animation at its best. The story is so good that it binds you till the end. The movie is without any dialogues and you would find there is no need of any. The ending is sad and left to the viewer to get what they want.. Do watch and comment what you felt.
March 21, 2018
Made by studio Ghibli and Wild Bunch The Red Turtle is about a man who washes up on a small island after a storm. After failed attempts to leave the island he is approached by a red turtle.
There are no lines of dialogue in this film so the plot and the emotions of the film have to be conveyed through image, sound and music alone. It manages it very well.
The sound design in this film is excellent. From the sound of the storm and waves raging around the protagonist to the softest flutter of a bird's wings, the immaculate attention to detail really adds depth to the film and helps the story come to life. The musical score is also beautiful, managing to conjure up so many feelings and emotions and really tell the story of a man's life in a rather poetic way.
The animation is also very well done with great detail in the forest backdrop and the rolling waves. The use of colour also adds a richness to the more serene moments and a more muted colour palette adds to the melancholy of more depressing scenes. The animation of the protagonist on the other hand is more simplistic but manage to capture enough emotion to give the audience the relevant plot points.
On the down side however the film does start to drag a little in the second and third acts and starts to feel like a short story that's been extended a little too much.
Overall I found it to be a very absorbing and moving experience and you shouldn't be deterred by the lack of dialogue. Just like The Snowman, it doesn't need dialogue to tell its story.
March 21, 2018
Visually appealing show. Intriguing story. and a soundtrack that'll make you bawl your eyes out.
March 9, 2018
tells a touching story even though there's no dialogue. Amazing art, and full of love.
February 13, 2018
One of the most beautiful animated films I've ever seen.
½ February 5, 2018
As captivating as it is emotional. Beautiful animation brings to life a gracefully told story without need for dialogue, exploring humanity in face of adversity. As with all films that demand patience, many won't 'get it'.
February 3, 2018
A reminder that the rules of nature will break you if you dare to break it. Michael Dudok de Wit boasts his signature artistry about the balance between man and the wild. The world we live is beautiful without our effort, and sometimes it only takes a minute to realize that. It's simple, done with no words spoken, and a testament that animation can still touch everyone of all ages with the right amount of effort.
January 25, 2018
Beautiful poetic animated movie about life.
½ January 22, 2018
Beautifully drawn with an outstanding soundtrack. A very heartwarming and life-like depiction of animals and landscape. Dialogue wasn't missed in this imaginative tale that conveyed the story very well without the use of words.
½ January 21, 2018
Beautiful, despite its slow narration and simple principle story manages to trap us and immerse us in its strange charm.
January 17, 2018
Beautifully done. Parts of the movie made little since but it draws you into desiring simplicity and leaves you feeling refreshed. Great movie.
January 16, 2018
Beautiful artwork and animation. I can tell that watercolors play a big part in the artwork. That beginning scene. Holy crap. Don't mess with mother nature man. I can't imagine being swashed around by huge waves like that. It's a pretty terrifying thought being swallowed up by the sea. It's so powerful. That's why I respect it so much.

The man in this movie, he's almost like going through rebirth. At the beginning, he almost has cavemen-like qualities. This guy is really being tested. It's almost like a puzzle game or an adventure game and he's trying to overcome all these obstacles. You really get to see how wonderful the animation is when the baby turtles start paddling towards the ocean.

The little crabs are funny. Very beautiful movie that is atmospheric at times. That animation of the bat flying was mesmerizing. Jeez, that red turtle is a prick. This movie has a surprisingly wonderful sense of humor.

A lot of theories and metaphors can be applied to this movie which is what makes it so enticing to watch. I think the best kind of art is the one that is left to open interpretation. My thought is that I think this is a sort of love and break up heartbreak story. The shell of the turtle can be interpreted as the heart of the woman being broken by the man. And her letting go of the shell is almost like her getting over her broken heart. Same with the man letting go of the raft. He's letting go of the thing that was bothering him, as well as opening up to the woman. The animation for the little kid is so cute.

This movie is beautiful on so many levels. The colors are gorgeous. This movie doesn't have any dialogue throughout the whole movie, not one spoken word, yet it is one of the deepest animation movies out there. It's about reincarnation, it's about beginning new life's, it's about ending old ones, it's about love, about learning to let go. This movie is amazing.

Overall, must watch. Beautiful gorgeous movie on so many levels. I'll be showing this movie to my kids one day.
January 12, 2018
A speechless, magical odyssey of what it means to let go and become attached all at once, with its island setting imbuing its own sense of character through interaction of the story's events. The viewer's slow surrender is rewarded as the film progresses.
December 28, 2017
Right now I can't think of a more intensely beautiful film.
December 25, 2017
It was dumb, convoluted and a waste of time. I have felt more meaning watching trash blow on the wind. This is as beauitful as much as ludovico einaudi is a master composer. cough cough.
½ December 20, 2017

Just...okay, so before I dive into (see what I did there?) why I loved the film, a quick briefing of the film. The Red Turtle is a joint production between Dutch animator/director Michaël Dudok de Wit and Studio Ghibli, which in and of itself is enough to get me on board.

The Red Turtle tells the tale a of a shipwrecked man who finds himself on a deserted island that is both paradise and carniverous. The man attempts to depart from the island (on several occasions) only to meet a turtle, and--ah hell, I can't really say more about its plot, not because it would be particularly spoiler-y but more that it would seem utterly ridiculous to try and encapsulate just why I love the film by describing its story.

The film is mostly a "silent" film in that it is devoid of dialogue other than a few "heys," laughs and grunts. In this way, the story becomes one of the most universal stories I've experienced, harken back to silent films that weren't dependent on language or culture to express emotions or reflections. To call it a silent film however would be almost egregious, because it features one of the most incredible scores in recent memory.

The character design is simple and almost overly simplistic but the artwork and animation is beautiful. It ranges from gorgeous scenic shots with contrasting hues and tones to haunting night sequences where the movie almost takes on a monochrome look.

The beauty with The Red Turtle is that there is no overarching message or moral lesson. It is more or a less a meditation into the milestone's of life, from joy, love, companionship, mortality and ultimately, loss. There's also a compelling case that could be made for the story to be more about the relationship with man and nature.

The Red Turtle is both haunting and enchanting at the same time and is one of the best animated films I've had the pleasure of watching in some time.
December 19, 2017
Puntaje Original: 6.0

Una película con una trama tan abierta que no te juzgo si llegaste a creer que exista un híbrido entre humano y tortuga.
December 16, 2017
It was pretty but it didn't make any sense to me. Even when grasping for either coherence in story, message regarding relationships, human and nature, parent-child, and so on, the movie doesn't provide anything that's worth thinking about. Maybe beyond that Stockholm Syndrome is a good basis for a relationship, but we already got that from Beauty and the Beast... Hopefully not much spoilers here.
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