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This sci-fi/horror sequel is set in the 21st century where the human race has been decimated by a man-made plague. Most of the normal survivors now live underground while the Earth's surface is populated by terrifying mutants. The survivors have developed a plague vaccine, but must gather the ingredients upon the dangerous surface. This version opens at the Rocky Mountain Lab, where they have run out of the vaccine and people are getting sick. A few days earlier they sent David Pennington topside to gather more ingredients. Unfortunately he has disappeared. The lead scientist then sends out three people to find David, but instead they end up tangling with a mutant. One of their party is killed. During the scuffle, they manage to cut off one of the creature's fingers and bring it back for research. Meanwhile, David wanders the desert world and meets the beautiful, pregnant Ariel, with whom he falls in love. Just before making it down to safety, the two are attacked by the mutants and one of them rapes her. When she eventually gives birth, her baby is terribly deformed. Meanwhile the finger regenerates into a new mutant horror and now with two of the dreadful creatures to deal with, things look bleak. ~ Sandra Brennan, Rovi


Roren Sumner
as Gargoyle
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Once the monster is set loose, The Terror Within falls to pieces.

November 8, 2010 | Rating: 5/10 | Full Review…

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A piss poor Alien ripoff with a setting as believe as me having 7 nipples on my forehead that is just completly boring and unfun. Looks awful, the twists are hilariously bad and everything is just a terrible homage to Alien. Hell it rip offs the infamous chest burster scene and even has two clones of Parker and Brett running around with dialogues just like the ones in Ridley Scott's masterpiece. Could've been a cheesy fun B-movie but just takes itself way too seriously with the smallest means available and that's not how you make these type of movies.

Francisco  Godinho
Francisco Godinho

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A mutant humanoid, dubbed a "Gargoyle", wreaks havoc 500 feet below the surface in an underground laboratory seeking to impregnate female scientists to carry his ungodly seed. It's cheesy and rips many moments from Ridley Scotts 'Alien', but this movie ain't half bad to be honest, quite good fun. And the creature itself wasn't as bad as I thought it would be either - effective enough to be menacing without being too laughable. A generous amount of blood and some gore along the way too which was pleasing. All in all an entertaining b-movie worthy of your attention if you don't mind low-grade monster flicks.

Lee ?
Lee ?

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In a world that has been pretty much wiped out by a plague there is only very few surviors left cause they was able to come up with a cure for the illness before it took them too now they are held up inside a bunker and only go outside when needed while out there they come upon a group of surviors all dead except one girl havein been attacked by what they call gargoyles they takr the girl inside with them and come to find out she is carrying one of the gargoyles babies when born it escapes into the air vents and then the real fun begins. Starring George Kennedy this is one of those low budget movies produced by Roger Corman that isnt half bad and if you like cheap movies its worth a watch just comes off little bit outdated still fun though.

ken j
ken j

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