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March 10, 2018
A coming of age film wherein a college student discovers her unmastered inexpicable powers as well as her curious attraction to a female friend.
½ March 6, 2018
A strangely anti-climactic film doesn't feel fully formed or thought out, but rather a collection of beautiful images and emotional pangs assembled into the frame of a Hollywood story TOLD through a European lens.
March 4, 2018
I liked the movie overall. I disagree with ending. SPOILER COMMENTS (skip this part if you haven't seen): Because Anja is the one that came on to Thelma after the seizure incidents, then in the theatre and Thelma left because she was overwhelmed emotionally and ran off (if it was her manipulating Anja, then why would she have run off...). It also was clear that she never met Anja's mother before so how would she fabricate that? Also, the scene where users said Thelma brought her back I disagree with too. Thelma had to deal with her parents, her biggest threat, the people who tried to force medication on her and make her feel shame for who she was. She could never be her true self (the person Anja already accepted if it wasn't for them anyways). Later in the school courtyard when Anja comes behind Thelma to kiss her neck, I know that was real too, as the audience we have no sense of time, we assume that it happened relatively soon. We don't know exactly if that was months later or even a year later. The reference to the jacket is a key here. Because Anja says my jacket looks good on you which implies they have been seeing one another. I should be a Detective. I know how to deconstruct a scene. HA ;-)
½ March 2, 2018
There are a few unanswered questions for me within the movie but overall I enjoyed it very much. It was slow yet intense and supernatural in such a casual way that it's almost real.
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February 26, 2018
Such small emotions. Such large repercussions.
Part Carrie, part Moonlight. Thelma explores our deepest desires and the expectations of the world that don't often align. This is all tone and Norwegian director Joachim Trier nails exactly what he was seemingly aiming for.
½ February 25, 2018
Attracted as I am to films with bizarre premises or storylines, it was somewhat disappointing that Thelma failed to go all the way with its theme. It starts off with promise, taking a relatively normal character who's identifiable and giving her obstacles to work round and troubles to overcome. The powers she acquires are poorly explained and don't play a significant enough role in the plot for them to be interesting. At points you get the impression that the creators forgot altogether that she even had them. The second half seems to get slower and slower as any goodwill is squandered by the filmmakers realising that, while they had a great set-up, their follow-through wasn't substantial to sustain the nearly 2-hour runtime. Ending on a whimper rather than a bang, Thelma isn't a frustrating experience merely because it's a bad film, but because it had the potential to be so much more than what it eventually became.
February 12, 2018
Fairly captivating on the psychological side, but the sci-fi layer feels unsuitable and guides "Thelma" in a familiar direction.
January 29, 2018
There are some intense and gorgeous scenes inside Thelma, and those are mostly the scenes that transform a slow-paced drama in some sort of supernatural horror movie. The mix works well, but I am not sure that the reward you get at the end of the film is high enough.
January 23, 2018
Suspenseful and well-acted. Joachim Trier leads to the meadow of supernatural and leave us alone.
January 23, 2018
Thelma is a film with an incredibly offbeat, intriguing premise and it remains a fascinating experiment even if the execution of said premise isn't great or fully realized. The first half was much more interesting than the second one. The film is a psychological thriller with some mystery and horror elements and it is such a cool, modern lesbian film with an interesting metaphor and main character.
January 17, 2018
Beautifully Crafted. Haunting.
½ January 13, 2018
A compelling supernatural thriller film with tense and potent scenes.
½ January 9, 2018
This is a movie about nothing. Absofuckinglutely nothing. Awful movie. Stay far away.
January 9, 2018
Es un thriller supernatural cuyas actuaciones y narración superan con creces a lo demás. El escenario es limpio pero común, lo que da una gran ventaja. La fotografía es cuidada bajo los parámetros narrativos; cuando se necesita que le cámara esté vacilante sucede, cuando se necesita estatismo en el cuadro, sucede. Es un buen ejemplo en lenguaje cinematográfico de narrativa débil.
½ January 8, 2018
Really quite amazing in its atmosphere and camera work. Creates some great suspense and Harboe plays the emotions so well.
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½ January 7, 2018
Though it may seem at first like an unoriginal combination of Carrie and Blue Is the Warmest Color, Thelma is a haunting and sometimes pretty tense film centered on a young teenage girl from a strongly religious family struggling with her sexual impulses and desires.
January 5, 2018
This felt like an episode of the X-Files but without any FBI agents to stand around and shrug their shoulders at the end. Which... it kinda needed? It's a compelling character, a compelling back-story, an interesting mystery but nothing culminates in anything too special and it just sort of fizzles out.

Perhaps had Thelma herself been a stronger character, more emotional, this could have had the bite it needed. Or if perhaps it had just been creepier. The Witch had that atmospheric bite, moments of covering your eyes horror. Thelma just glides in and out of dream-like creepiness; there's a couple of 'accidents' that are terrifying to think about but are shown so passively it's hard to get too worked up.

I did however appreciate the message of self acceptance. Thelma's actual emotional and physical problems all stemmed from her parents desire to steer her away from who she was, something you see often in hyper religious families who try to control every move their children make. It's once she finally accepts herself for who she is that not only is she able to free herself of their bonds (re: her dad) but also show that her gifts / uniqueness can actually do some true good (to her mom) and find happiness for herself.
January 1, 2018
well made, well acted psycho lesbian thriller. more please.
½ December 28, 2017
Thelma is a fascinating and immersive supernatural drama that never fails to surprise. Director Joachim Trier, on his third feature following the remarkable duo of Reprise and Louder than Bombs, has crafted the most unlikely and unusual coming of age story that I have ever seen. Bristling with the awkward tension of newly discovered sexuality and a dangerous supernatural awakening, Thelma is among the most refreshing takes on the coming of age tale you could possibly imagine.
December 26, 2017
A wonderful, precise, slow and beautifully composed movie in every way. There is time here for the tensions generated by the danger of desire to build. Shockingly refreshing genre-busting dirty formalism with much hidden pleasure. A great film about going to college and having one's family-inducted beliefs contested by experience. Brilliantly played and shot through with the grit of everyday details, exceptional sound design and a tense script deliver a visceral granular filmic engagement. Metaphorical spoiler alert - - kill your dad, heal your mom and free yourself.
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