The Thomas Crown Affair


The Thomas Crown Affair

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Sleek, stylish, and painlessly diverting, The Thomas Crown Affair is a remake of uncommon charm.



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Thomas Crown is a self-made billionaire who can buy anything he wants and is irresistible to women. But there are some things that money can't buy. Thomas Crown has run out of challenges. When an alarm sounds at a world class museum and someone walks out with a priceless Monet, Crown is the last person the New York police suspect. But one person suspects him: Catherine Banning, the brilliant female investigator hired to retrieve the painting no matter what it takes. Catherine loves the chase as much as he does and she's on to his game. Crown has found his challenge. Two can play, but only one can win.

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Rene Russo
as Catherine Banning
Pierce Brosnan
as Thomas Crown
Denis Leary
as Det. Michael McCann
Faye Dunaway
as The Psychiatrist
Ben Gazzara
as Andrew Wallace
Frankie Faison
as Det. Paretti
Fritz Weaver
as John Reynolds
Mark Margolis
as Knutzhorn
Charles Keating
as Friedrich Golchan
Michael Lombard
as Bobby McKinley
Bill Ambrozy
as Proctor
Robert Novak
as Proctor
Joe Lamb
as Proctor
Mischa Hausserman
as Crown's Driver
John P. McCann
as Senior Detective
Gino Lucci
as Freight Truck Driver
George Christy
as Senior Museum Guard
Mike Danner
as Forklift Operator
James J. Archer
as J.J. the Security Guard
John Elsen
as New York City Cop
Robert Spillane
as Crown Security Guard
Cynthia Darlow
as Crown's Secretary
Sherry Koftan
as Crown Employee
Jane DeNoble
as Crown Employee
Gene Bozzi
as Crown Employee
Ryan Hecht
as Crown Employee
Paul Simon
as Crown Employee
Tom Tammi
as Businessman
Mark Zeisler
as Bulldog
Dan Southern
as Crown Executive
James Yaegashi
as Crown Executive
Ira Wheeler
as Old Man
John A. MacKay
as Company Lawyer
Colleen Hamm
as Schoolgirl
Timothy Wheeler
as Museum Security Tech
John Thrall Bush
as Museum Security Guard
Dominic Marcus
as Museum Security Guard
Robert Stephenon
as Museum Security Guard
David Toney
as Museum Security Guard
Phillip Douglas
as Museum Security Guard
Jeffrey Dreisbach
as Junior Proctor
R.J. Remo
as Smoking Kid
Caleb Archer
as Smoking Kid
Randy Phillips
as National Arts Club Guest
Gloria Barnes
as National Arts Club Guest
Mimi Weddell
as National Arts Club Guest
Pat Friedlander
as National Arts Club Guest
Gary L. Catus
as National Arts Club Guest
Jeremy Nagel
as Crown's Caddie
John C. Havens
as Museum Operating Tech
Annie Rose Murray
as Woman Spectator
Bill Tatum
as Gentleman Yachtsman
Teddy Coluca
as Detective in Restaurant
Michael Charles
as Detective in Restaurant
Orlando Carafa
as Cipriani Waiter
Ben Epps
as Male Associate
Kim D. Cannon
as Cleaning Man
Richard Russell Ramos
as Art Inspector
John Seidman
as Lab Technician
Yusef Bulos
as Second Jeweler
Ray Virta
as Detective-Museum
Thomas Michael Sullivan
as Museum Special Police
J. Paul Boehmer
as Museum Detective
Tony Cucci
as Watching Cop
Paul Geoffrey
as Another Cop
R. E. Rodgers
as Uniform Cop
Thomas Richard Bloom
as Crown Imposter
Kim Craven
as Ticket Agent
Marion McCorry
as Stewardess
Sean Haberle
as Ramp Manager
Mikel Sarah Lambert
as Wealthy Woman
Angelo Fraboni
as Featured Dancer
Melanie LaPatin
as Featured Dancer
Jodi Melnick
as Featured Dancer
Tony Meredith
as Featured Dancer
Michael Terrace
as Featured Dancer
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  • Mar 20, 2011
    Rene Russo's nudity!
    matt s Super Reviewer
  • Sep 11, 2010
    Rene Russo at here stunning finest. Brosnan’s and Russo’s roles seem to be written for them. Rene Russo has the life that anyone would want. She is a well paid detective/trouble shooter for an insurance company. She is self-secure, intelligent and beautiful. The kind of characteristic any one would want to know or be male or female. Sadly, this appears to be Russo’s best shot to be a lead actress in anything but B type derivative movies. Part of her beauty in this movie is tinge of age that shows around here eyes. That she’s not that latest 17 year old chicka from ex-eastern block countries we have been showered with lately. Brosnan owns a successful investment firm the specializes in leverage buy outs. He is a self made man who has everything he thinks he wants and is a part time thief for his own amusement. Brosnan fit this role better than he ever fit into James Bond. Besides the enjoyment of watching Russo Move across the screen, this movie has beautiful cinematography. The most memorable are the shots in the Glider where the music and the visuals blend together so well they make you hair on the back of your neck stand-up. Comparing this with the 1968 version there really is no comparison but the name and vaguely the plot. I’m a big Steve Mc queen fan and the original is just painful to watch. Maybe just Faye Dunaway just can’t stand watching a movie with her in it. She does have a bit part as Brosnan Psychiatrist. I own this movie and my wife and I through it in on rainy days when we just want to grab a blanket and snuggle on the couch.
    Bill C Super Reviewer
  • Apr 26, 2010
    I love this film, mostly for this one scene, courtesy of Pierce Brosnan, Nina Simone and Henri Magritte.... please, please, (please!) don't watch unless you've seen the film or never never ever intend to see it.
    Lesley N Super Reviewer
  • Dec 01, 2008
    Heist films are usually fun, but I've yet to see one that has more to offer than a few thrills. The Thomas Crown Affair is often clever, occasionally unbelievable, and consistently entertaining. The only problem is, I can think of five films in the same genre that do the exact same things.
    Lewis C Super Reviewer

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