Tightrope Reviews

July 19, 2019
On an action fan's gut level, I like Eastwood. There's no other star who can pull off tense, John Wayneish moments so well.
May 6, 2016
A sharp-edged slightly offbeat crime thriller for the masses.
December 14, 2005
August 31, 2005
Eastwood took a chance at the height of his stardom to play a less-than-heroic cop in this gutsy serial-killer thriller.
August 8, 2005
May 4, 2005
A surprisingly tightly wound serial killer mystery.
February 28, 2005
Eastwood cria um personagem complexo e interessante, mas os elementos policiais da trama, aliados ao ritmo frouxo da histria, prejudicam seus esforos.
October 23, 2004
October 19, 2004
Fine later Eastwood starrer
May 28, 2004
April 27, 2004
November 5, 2003
July 23, 2003
Film noir at its best, with an intriguing blend of law and order, sin and sex, violence and sado-masochism.