Los Cronocrímenes (Timecrimes) Reviews

November 18, 2011
November 17, 2011
March 18, 2009
Very cool.
March 13, 2009
The key here is to keep things moving without letting the logical (or illogical) complications weigh down the action, and [director] Vigalondo does this well.
February 6, 2009
An enterprising Spanish time-travel thriller, that's light on DeLoreans and lightning bolts, but heavy on fiendish cross-currents of temporal interaction.
February 5, 2009
Fiendishly convoluted and stylishly crafted, Time Crime is a low-budget sci-fi thriller from Spain that ably demonstrates the value of a neat idea, cleverly executed.
January 22, 2009
The director operates his metaphysical contraption with enough wit to jolt away your skepticism.
January 8, 2009
The modest satisfactions of Timecrimes come down to a protagonist divided against himself.
January 8, 2009
Timecrimes is like a temporal chess game with nudity, voyeurism and violence, which makes it more boring than most chess games but less boring than a lot of movies.
December 19, 2008
It begins slowly, but when it gets going, it rings a series of amusing, if not entirely unpredictable, changes on the theme 'what if you went back in time and changed things?'
December 19, 2008
A sci-fi thriller with no special effects, a cast of four and a single location used with Hitchcockian economy, Timecrimes boasts the kind of smart, resourceful filmmaking that champions ingenuity over spectacle.
December 18, 2008
It's not the first time a movie has played with the idea of a time traveler encountering an earlier version of himself, but the exceptionally gripping film takes the concept to a new level of devilish circularity.
December 12, 2008
Spanish filmmaker Nacho Vigalondo's low-budget brain-drainer Timecrimes is only half as clever as it thinks and even less entertaining.
December 12, 2008
Trippy viewing awaits, as long as you're not a stickler for logic.
December 12, 2008
Proof positive that a naked hottie and whiz-bang pacing can disguise gaping narrative cracks, Timecrimes makes sci-fi lemonade out of low-budget lemons.
December 11, 2008
While it isn't that hard to stay a step or two ahead of Timecrimes, the movie is still a nifty little genre piece, an old-fashioned science-fiction mind-game with a healthy dollop of 'Oh, the irony.'
December 9, 2008
Even though Vigalondo's obvious direction lingers over every carefully arranged tile in the toppling-domino plot, there's still some sinister amusement in watching them stack and fall.
December 1, 2008
Its verve and smarts more than make up for its occasional lapses in technique and casting.
April 24, 2008
Twisty time-travel drama is rather hard work, but ultimately provides modest pleasures.
January 30, 2008
The latest in a line of effective, low-budget genre items out of Spain, Nacho Vigalondo's feature debut shows that good cinematic time travelers can be done on a shoestring with the right script.