Mar 21, 2021
As with her debut, Celine Sciamma has a knack for getting amazing performances out of her young actors. Particularly, Zoé Héran is a revelation. Her portrayal of a confused child (not of her sexuality but the sexual politics) is touching and deeply felt.
Feb 3, 2021
Featuring an excellent and stunning performance by Zoé Héran, Tomboy is a film that needs to be seen by as many people as possible.
Jan 9, 2021
'Tomboy', Céline Sciamma's second film as a director, to me seems as a subtle and very emotional coming-of-age portrait of childhood, self-acceptance and gender identity. [Full review in Spanish]
Jun 10, 2020
Observing Laure (the impeccably androgynous Zoe Heran) interact with her loving parents and sassy but thoroughly feminine kid sister is getting a privileged, all-access pass to a childhood paradise immediately before the loss of innocence...
May 9, 2020
Tomboy falls apart when it comes time to deal with the stakes at hand, an irresponsibly rushed third act that squanders the film's ample goodwill.
Dec 4, 2019
For much of the film, Mikhael is prevailingly happy. They have no label for their new gender presentation, and perhaps it's too early to define it, although as an adult, modern audience we may see them as trans or non-binary. [TOP 50 FILMS OF THE DECADE]
Nov 27, 2018
Should make people sit up and pay attention, not only due to Sciamma's naturalistic script and instinctive directing, but also the remarkable ensemble of young talent that she has consolidated into one film.
Aug 13, 2018
Affecting, well-envisioned and delicately captured.
Nov 5, 2013
Since we are dealing with fresh-faced tweens, we are spared the gender histrionics to be found in the likes of The Crying Game or Boys Don't Cry. Those are indeed bigger films. But sometimes small things can pay off quite nicely.
Jun 19, 2013
Tomboy is a lovely reminder that the French have long been famous for a quite different sort of film-about children.
Jul 24, 2012
Far from surprising at any point, Tomboy nonetheless holds one's attention though its sheer force of observation.
Jul 15, 2012
The director's low-key approach to such a seemingly complex topic really illuminates the subject in both very basic and rather profound ways.
May 4, 2012
'Tomboy' makes its points about gender identity and confusion without resorting to cheap laughs or overwrought drama.
Mar 28, 2012
This exquisite film is as pure as you can get; it's observational, it's minimalist, there's no intrusive music except where it is part of the action.
Mar 24, 2012
Sweet and well observed, the film takes us inside a typical family in a typical Paris suburb - and gives us a spin
Mar 8, 2012
Sciamma's capturing of children at play is disarmingly accurate, perfectly showing the freewheeling nature of prepubescence in all its glory.
Mar 7, 2012
Brisk, precisely observed, and bracingly non-preachy in its examination of a very tricky subject.
Jan 27, 2012
Writer and director Celine Sciamma adorns the thorny dilemma with resonant allusions to gender roles...
Jan 26, 2012
Modestly conceived and executed.
Jan 26, 2012
The film's greatest accomplishment is writer/director Celine Sciamma's stunning ability to draw natural, believable performances from her adolescent cast, who never hit a false note in this moving film.