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January 9, 2018
Brad is worth the ticket price alone and others turned in creditable performances, particularly Eric Bana as an upright family man who just happens to be the prince of a warlike city-state, and Sean Bean as Odysseus the Ironic.
December 29, 2010
Violent, watered-down version of The Iliad.
June 24, 2006
A numbingly reliable tick-tock of expository set pieces alternating with vast CGI-aided battle scenes.
March 22, 2005
'A valiant but doomed affair, as carefully constructed -- and ultimately as hollow -- as the Trojan Horse itself.'
March 6, 2005
Wooden horse, wooden acting, wouldn't bother if I were you.
October 6, 2004
Bruising battles and some stirring performances make Troy enjoyable, if rather long.
August 7, 2004
A fairly routine action picture with an advanced case of grandeuritis.
August 1, 2004
Harsh, serious, and both exhilarating and tragic, the right tonal combination for Homer.
July 6, 2004
Dramatic scene after dramatic scene fails to take flight: too many face-to-face quarrels, flatly blocked and bluntly written.
June 23, 2004
The latest in a very long line of films made to give us those things that other mediums could not provide.
May 23, 2004
The wrath of Brad looks more like a migraine.
May 22, 2004
The end result is the sound and fury of Homer undone.
May 20, 2004
It's massive, opulent, passionate and -- unlike most summer time-wasters -- surprisingly intelligent.
May 18, 2004
A hugely entertaining film, sprinkled with moments of brilliance.
May 17, 2004
... several of the scenes are just some of the best battle scenes I've seen in a long time.
May 15, 2004
It is also, unfortunately, a mysteriously cold production filled with stagy, melodramatic characterizations doing little to bring these classic and timeless characters to life.
May 15, 2004
Troy isn't so much a simplified retelling of The Iliad as a re-imagined version of it, told wholly without imagination.
May 14, 2004
Solid entertainment, true to the '50s formalism that so inspires its grand production design, ornate costumes, proverbial cast of thousands and sometimes painfully earnest dialogue.
May 14, 2004
Often plays like what it is: a clunky toga-and-sandals picture, with Hollywood compromises abounding.
May 14, 2004
As summer-movie entertainment, Troy delivers the Trojan horse, and then some.
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